In the past 5 years, no company has had as meteoric of a rise as Southern Draw. What started as a southern staple brand developed in a boutique phenomenon that has won the hearts and palates of cigar smokers everywhere. While their original lines such as the Kudzu and the Firethorn are very solid smokes, it was their two releases in 2017 that brought them to the national spotlight. That year saw the introduction of the smooth and delicious Rose of Sharon and the bold and powerful Jacobs Ladder. Both cigars received critical acclaim and were named to several Top 10 lists. This year, Robert Holt and his team decided to use their new found stardom to not only create another outstanding blend, but also to give back to the people who made their dream possible.

 The cigar is known as the 300 Hands, or 300 Manos depending on which one you pick. The name references the number of hands required to create a cigar, from seedling all the way to being boxed and shipped out. They are two different blends, one utilizing a spicy Habano wrapper, the other a rich and bold San Andres maduro. While Southern Draw is known for donating a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes, for this one they went above and beyond. 25% of the profits from the sale of 300 Hands will go to Nicaraguans who are in need.

While this project has been in development for a while, it seems like fate that it was released this year, when the country of Nicaragua is embroiled in internal strife that has left hundreds dead and thousands in need. Leave it to Robert Holt to not only create a cigar at a great price in order to give back, but a phenomenal one at that. Both blends smoke beautifully and have complex flavor profiles. I have become quite a big fan of the San Andres maduro, especially the Petite Corona size.

One of the great things about this cigar is that you do not need to be talked into buying them. It isn’t simply a charity case, it is a cigar I would buy anytime and honestly for a higher price then they are offered. Enjoy your pack of the 300 Hands from Southern Draw today.

POSTED ON Oct 23, 2018


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