Who would have thought that a cigar with an archeological theme would be a success? Well, Mike and Skip always knew. They always knew because they knew how good their products were, how hard they worked on preserving quality and keeping the customers happy. That’s why you can call a cigar the Mastodon and it works! The RoMa team also knows to how effectively utilize their themes in order to make a more desirable product. Take for example, one of their best selling and most sought after regular production products…the Neanderthal.

 The Neanderthal was first released in late 2014. It followed the pre historic theme of the CroMagnon, which gave Skip the idea for this wonderful smoke. However, he even said himself he wasn’t a good enough blender to make this cigar when they first started out, it took a few years to get the blend just right.

The blend is strong yet incredibly well balanced It combines a truly unique blend of tobaccos, with filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and even Pennsylvania. The binder is a bold and flavorful Connecticut Broadleaf, that adds that touch of richness and cocoa. The finishing touch is a stunning Mexican San Andres wrapper, a leaf that beautifully combines notes of coffee and chocolate with subtle notes of pepper and spice.

While the blend is fantastic, the shape of this cigar is what turned it from a great smoke to a legendary product. It is rolled into a thick figurados with a flat cap, resembling a club that Neanderthals were known to carry. It is one of their hardest to find regular production cigars, and can even be harder to pick up then some of their limited editions.

The CroMagnon may hold a special place in my heart, but its is easy to say that the Neanderthal took RoMa Craft to the next level. Make sure you check us out on Friday for our amazing RoMa-Thon were we will be offering great deals and giveaways on boxes of RoMa Craft, including the delicious Neanderthal.

POSTED ON Oct 23, 2018


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