In this day and age of constant marketing and social media, it is hard for a cigar company to remain under the radar, especially when you have had a few high ratings and a Top 25 appearance. Yet, that is exactly what Regius cigars has done. Started as a European brand, Regius has gotten little ink in the States, however the times it has been mentioned, it is nothing but rave reviews. We here at Serious Cigars are thrilled to be one of the major retailers behind Regius Cigars in the US and after smoking just a few of them, you will see why.

 Regius founder Akhil Kapacee was born and raised in the UK and set out to create a unique cigar brand for the European market. As they were almost exclusively Cuban smokers, it was hard for him to replicate those flavors and experiences and to have the community try something different. That is when he shifted his focus to the American market, where we are always ready and willing to try something new and unique.

 All of the cigars from Regius are crafted at the legendary Plasencia factory in Nicaragua, so that’s a good start. While his first few lines, including the Regius Black Label did garner some buzz and acclaim, it was his Exclusivo USA Series that got him rolling in the states. It is a three line series, known as the Red, White and Blue, each using a different blend.

 While we are fans of the entire line, the Exclusivo Red has garnered critical acclaim and a Top 25 spot in Cigar Aficionados list in 2017. Check out the entire line of Regius Cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 29, 2018


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