There are few cigar brands in the world that carry with it the prestige and respect as Padron Cigars. They are considered, by many, to be among the finest cigars ever made. Padron cigars have been named to the top cigars of the year list more than any other brand and have been named number one more than any other brand. This is due to an uncompromising dedication to quality and aging techniques unrivaled by any other company.

 The Padron family immigrated from Spain to island of Cuba in the mid 1800s. It was there that the family learned the cultivation and fermentation of cigar tobacco. Following the revolution, company founder Jose Orlando Padron moved to Miami, bringing is century worth of cigar knowledge with him. While making some money rolling cigars, Jose was given a carpenter job by a friend who also loaned him a small hammer. That hammer has now become a symbol of the dedication and history of the Padron family.

 In the late 1960s, the family began using Nicaraguan tobacco in its blend, and eventually, due to travel costs, set up shop in Esteli, Nicaragua. Following several political issues including the Sandista revolution and the temporary blockade of Nicaraguan products, the company eventually was able to prosper and to this day has one of the largest and most advanced cigar factories not just in Nicaragua, but in the world.

 The success of Padron can be contributed to several factors, however a majority of it is due to their aging process. While their factory is quite large, the actual rolling floor is about average size. It is their aging rooms that make up a majority of their property. The aging process is what makes Padron cigars so special. Lines such as the Padron 1964 are aged for up to 4 years while the Padron 1926 uses tobacco up to 6 years old. This is the reason these cigars maintain a rich and bold flavor, but remain smooth all the way through.

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POSTED ON Sep 20, 2018


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