Think of the cigar business like the film industry. You have your big time directors like Spielberg and Cameron, which are comparable to big industry titans like Altadis, Fuente and Padron. Then you have your rebel/rouge style directors such as Tarantino or Christopher Nolan. These are comparable to Caldwell, Tatuaje or RoMa Craft. Finally you have your independent, boutique directors like a Wes Anderson or Taika Waititi. Here you can compare to small batch, but ingenious cigar blenders like Kyle Gellis and of course Oscar Valladares.

 Oscar made is name working with Island Jim on the world renowned Leaf by Oscar line. Since then he has blown up and has become quite a prolific blender with some very popular lines. Among his best known and most popular is the Oscar Valladares 2012 series. It is a line of 3 different cigars in 3 different wrappers, similar to the style with which Oscar produced the Leaf by Oscar Series.

 IF you are looking for a mellow to medium body that is flavorful yet remains smooth and all the way through, you should definitely check out the 2012 Connecticut. For a spicy and complex smoke, light up the zesty 2012 Corojo. Finally, if you are looking for a bold and rich smoke, with notes of dark chocolate and coffee, you want the 2012 Maduro, featuring a rich and complex San Andres maduro wrapper.

 2012 was suppose to be the year the world ended and lucky for us it wasn’t. However, that year will live on forever in these amazing smokes from the great Oscar Vallardes. Enjoy the full line of cigars from Oscar Vallardes right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 01, 2018


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