Since the trade embargo, Cuban cigars seem to have gained mystical properties. They are the unicorn of the American cigar world. Aficionados are always searching for them, and to smoke a genuine Cuban is seen as a real treat. However, it is not a Cuban cigar that is considered the most sought after. It is not a Hoyo de Monterrey or Partagas D that is on every smokers wish list. It is a cigar that was first created in 1995 in the nation of the Dominican Republic. It was this cigar that revolutionized the industry and set it on its current path of boutique styles, limited editions, and powerful profiles. That cigar is known as the Fuente Fuente Opus X, created by cigar super stars Carlos and Carlito Fuente.

 The Fuente family had already established itself as a trendsetter by the early 90s. Their Hemingway line in its unusual perfecto shape was already firmly set in the pantheon of cigar greats. It was then that Carlito decided to take on a monumental project, one that would put Fuente cigars at the forefront of the premium cigar industry. For years, industry experts held the belief that it would be impossible to grow wrapper tobacco in the Dominican Republic. The climate and the soil simply did not allow for the difficult process it takes to grow the fragile tobacco. The Fuente family set out to prove them all wrong. After years of trial and error and perfecting the science behind the wrapper, their labor began to bear fruit.

 The first Opus X arrived in the fall of 1995. It was a beautiful oily work of art. It used 100% Dominican tobacco, including the newly grown Dominican Rosado wrapper. It was powerful yet smooth, with craftsmanship few cigars were able to mimic. It became an immediate success due to its flavor profile, its construction, and its availability. To this day, it is difficult to get your hands on an Opus. They are near impossible to find at small local shops and for good reason. To keep the construction as close to perfect as possible, the Fuente family does not mass produce this cigar. Only the true aficionados had tried it, and only they knew where they could get one.

 This cigar has gone on to be one of the most awarded and beloved cigars in history. Since the creation of the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 in 2004, the Opus X has made the list 8 times, winning in 2005. Each time they are listed its in the top 10, and no Opus has received lower than a 90 rating. For 20 years this cigar has reigned supreme over all others.

The fame of the Opus X has even reached the ears of Hollywood. While shooting his movie “The Lost City”, cigar aficionado and famed actor Andy Garcia asked permission to film at the famous Fuente fields in the Dominican Republic. However, they were filming in the off season, with no full grown tobacco leaves to show. In order to make the scene work, Carlito grew 15 acres of tobacco to be grown in the off season. After filming, this tobacco was harvested and aged and released as a special edition, what we now know as the Opus X Lost city. If you thought the regular Opus X was limited, then the Lost City must be seen as a myth. Only choice retailers are allowed to carry it, and even they find them hard to come by.

 The Opus X was one of the first commercially successful full bodied cigars introduced on the American market. Their limited releases, special editions, and profile have set the tone for how the industry works today. It also was responsible for bringing Dominican tobaccos to the forefront. For the first time since the embargo, true aficionados had something they felt comparable to Cubans in terms of taste, quality, and oddly enough availability. By keeping the cigar limited, it made it all the more desired. The Fuente Fuente Opus X was and is the cigar worlds most loved cigar.

POSTED ON Sep 10, 2018


@Cigar Man

The Opus X is a cigar for the ages. It is such a treat to smoke this cigar.

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