Montecristo is arguably one of the most well-known cigar brands in the history of the industry. The iconic brand is constantly releasing innovative premium blends with the same devotion to the highest quality standards that has helped it gain generations of loyal enthusiasts. That inventive spirit lead to a collaboration between the renowned Plasencia Family and Montecristo’s Grupo de Maestros, resulting in the luxurious Epic Craft Cured series. The Plasencia Family’s mastery of growing, aging, blending and flawlessly hand-rolling premium Nicaraguan tobacco is unrivaled, creating a truly remarkable smoking experience.

An unorthodox fermentation process marries together Plasencia’s superior craftsmanship and the versatile arrangement of tobaccos. Rather than fermenting each tobacco varietal in separate large pilones, the different tobaccos in Craft Cured are fermented together in smaller sized pilones. This process allows each distinguishing tobacco characteristics to intertwine and mesh together, resulting in an unparalleled aromatic bouquet and a luxurious array of textures.

Medium to full in strength, this decadent blend liberates palates from the status quo. The immaculate construction that Epic Craft Cured flaunts unapologetically is complements of the Plasencia Family’s factory in Estelí. With help from the Grupo de Maestros, the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua’s four growing regions were selected to create a rich, well-balanced flavor profile. Blending a cigar with tobaccos harvested from different parts of the same country might not sound special, but the unique geography of Nicaragua produces an incredibly complex smoke.

The filler is a medley of leaves from Estelí, Jalapa and Condega, which all bring different characteristics to the blend. Estelí adds distinct spiciness and potent strength, Jalapa infuses sweet aromas and delicate textures, while Condega melds the blended filler together with honey-like flavors and mineral undertones. Epic Craft Cured is furnished with a choice binder from the volcanic island of Ometempe, known for producing Nicaragua’s most prized and rare tobacco. A gorgeous, oily Nicaraguan Rosado Oscuro 2006 wrapper cloaks the cigar with an eye-catching reddish-brown hue.

Epic Craft Cured is the ultimate Nicaraguan puro and needs to be experienced by every true aficionado. Order yours online today at and change your palate forever!

POSTED ON Jan 26, 2018


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