Mel Shah is not your typical cigar manufacturer. Unlike many in the industry, Mel did not grow up with a rich family heritage of tobacco or live on a filed in Cuba as a child. In fact, until a few years ago Mel was an IT worker. His love for cigars eventually found him building his own cigar shop, but he wanted to be more involved. So he went ahead and created Bombay Tobak, a cigar company that most aficionados are familiar with today. They are responsible for the Mbombay line of cigars which may not have the biggest following, but they have the right following. Mbombay is a brand that people who really know cigars know about and enjoy, and that’s all you can really ask for.

 Mbombay has six main lines, each of them receiving 90 or above ratings at one point or another. That is incredibly impressive, to have 90+ ratings for every cigar you have released. They vary in strength and flavors in order to provide a wide variety among consumers the Mbombay Classic is a modern take on a mellow to medium blend with tobacco from 5 different countries to make it even more complex. The Corojo Oscuro offers up a bold yet refined flavor and has received 94 ratings from multiple publications. The fan favorite seems to be the Gaaja, a beautifully crafted masterpiece that is available in both a Connecticut and Maduro option.

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POSTED ON Sep 04, 2018


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