Macanudo Cigars have been considered one of the finest premium cigars for more than 20 years. During the days of the cigar boom into the modern age, they are one of the cigars of choice for the high end, mellow cigar smoker and are still one of the best selling premium cigars in the country. However, as the industry changes and palates begin to develop differently, the team at General Cigars began to see that they needed a new option for their flagship line. They needed something more complex, more flavorful and more intense. After several years of development and countless blends, they created an entire new series of cigars that has become their new best seller, the Macanudo Inspirado line.

 The Macanudo Inspirados have three main lines, each special crafted for a particular palate. While many, if not most, of the regular Macanudo releases cater to one type of profile preference, with the Macanudo Inspirados, you can find the perfect cigar for you. The Macanudo Inspirado White is quite similar to the Macanudo café, albeit it slightly stronger and more flavorful, but still using a silky Connecticut wrapper. The Macanudo Inspirado Black is for the rich and bold palate, using a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan tobaccos for a medium to full cigar with a chocolate and coffee based profile. Finally, the Macanudo Inspirado Red uses a Habano wrapper for a full body cigar with a lot of spice to it.

 I am thoroughly impressed with the Inspirado line. It quiets the stereotype tat big manufacturers such as General Cigar are unable or unwilling to develop new and complex cigars. In fact I would say the Macanudo Inspirado line is one of the finest big company cigar lines available today. The best part is, you can purchase any of the three major lines right here at Serious cigars.

POSTED ON Sep 04, 2018


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