Is there anything as gratifying as taking that first puff of a freshly lit cigar? When the smoke begin to pour out and the flavors first begin to mesh together in a vivacious cacophony it is only rivaled by the first sip of coffee in the morning. Learning how to light your cigar properly sounds like it should be simple enough, however there a few slight nuances that can truly add to the overall smoking experience. The proper lighting technique involves three steps. First is using the proper lighting apparatus, followed by toasting the foot, and finally lighting the foot. Choosing the proper lighting source is straight forward, but there are a few choices that some feel are better then others.

                                                                                              Lighting Apparatus

 There are four different tools that one could use to light your cigar. They are in a sense interchangeable, but we here at Serious Cigars have our preferences.

Wooden Match- Our preferred method of lighting our cigars is using a wooden match. A Long wooden match will burn longer and more effectively then a paper match. The wood in the stick offers a wonderful aroma and the wavy flame doesn't burn the outside of the wrapper. The only downside is you do have to rotate your cigar while you light in order for the full foot to be lit.

Butane Lighter- By far the most popular way to light your cigar. A butane lighter uses a special type of fuel, butane, that burns at a much higher temperature. The result is a quicker burn to your cigar and no adverse flavor effect. The butane lighter is also perfect for use in windy or otherwise imperfect conditions.

Paper Match- The average match is not a bad choice. It does not add any harsh flavor to your cigar, but may be time constraining. It will take multiple paper matches to effective light your cigar, whereas it should only take one wood match or a few seconds with a butane lighter.

Lighter- Your average bic lighter or even zippo should be a last resort choice. They use regular lighter fluid which can add a nasty taste to your cigar. They are also no reliable when lighting a cigar outside and tend to go out quite a bit.    

                                                                                              Toasting the Foot

After choosing your lighting apparatus, your next step is to toast the foot of your cigar. For those of you who are just starting out in the cigar community, the foot of the cigar is the bottom end where you light it. Take your match or lighter and move the flame around the foot of the cigar a few times. This helps the cigar burn straight once its lit and gives you a more defined ash. While toasting isn't necessary, you will often see seasoned smokers toast the foot before lighting up.    

                                                                                              Lighting Your Cigar

Now comes the most important part of the process, lighting your cigar. It is a straight forward technique, so have no fear. Hold the flame half an inch in front of your cigar. Then begin to puff, drawing the flame into the foot. By putting the flame directly on the foot, you risk burning the outer parts of the wrapper. If you are using matches, slowly rotate your cigar as you puff to ensure the entire foot gets lit. If you are using a lighter, you can move the flame around the edge of the cigar for the same affect. Once you see a full orange circle, meaning the entire foot is lit, put down your lighter or match and enjoy!   

POSTED ON Mar 02, 2018


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