The Leaf by Oscar is one of the most unique and interesting cigars released in the past decade. When first walking by it, you would think it was some weird novelty cigar. However, this limited smoke, available in 4 different wrappers, was recently ranked as as one of the top 10 most asked for cigars at brick and mortar stores. That’s right, a cigar that is barely out of its infancy was ranked along side Arturo Fuente and Padron as the most requested. That is insane for any cigar company, especially one with as unique a story and theme as the Leaf.

 The Leaf by Oscar started as a project between cigar store own Island Jim and master blender Oscar Vallardes. I do not know who thought to cover each cigar in a tobacco leaf, but it was a genius marketing idea. Each cigar is hand rolled at Oscars factory in Honduras. They come in several different sizes and 4 different wrapper varieties which include a Maduro, Connecticut, Sumatra, and Corojo. This gives everyone the opportunity to find the perfect cigar for there palate.

 Upon opening the outer leaf, the cigar inside looks absolutely perfect. It is one of the finest Honduran cigars iv ever had the pleasure of smoking. It has a complex yet subtle profile with each layer of tobacco working in concert to create a plethora of rich and enticing flavors. The construction is outstanding, with a long even burn and plenty of smoke out put.

 The Leaf by project has lead to two more versions that are soon to be released including the Leaf by Jim and the Leaf by Esteban, however it all started right here with Oscar. Be sure to pick up your Leaf by Oscar today at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 29, 2018


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