Southern Draw has been making solid cigars for a few years. They were well known boutique company in the Southern United States, but didn’t achieve the notoriety they deserved, until last year that is. Founder Robert Holt and his team took the cigar world by storm in 2017 when they released two cigars that have garnered rave reviews and saw the company’s popularity skyrocket. Those two cigars where the smooth and mellow Rose of Sharon, and the bold and beautiful Jacobs Ladder. After the success of the launch, Southern Draw saw fit to add a new size for the Jacobs Ladder, a size they have become quite well known for.

 This stunning lancero is hand rolled in Nicaragua, under the watchful eye of AJ Fernandez. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, followed by a burly Ecuadorian binder. The finishing touch is what brings this cigar to the next level. It is cloaked with a rich and oily Broadleaf wrapper, the color of which is as black as night. Upon your first puff, you will enter a world of rich chocolate notes, along with hints of leather, nuts and cappuccino. Its smoke is silky smooth while its aroma is bold and rich.

 Any cigar aficionado worth their salt knows how much size can affect a blend. This lancer is no exception. Due to the greater ratio of wrapper to filler I found this cigar not quite as strong as the other sizes, but even more complex and flavorful. For such a thin ring, the construction was absolutely flawless with not burn issues and a tight ash that never flaked once.

 This is one of the finest lancer cigars I have had the pleasure of smoking. However, as it is not a regular production it is quite limited. If you wish to enjoy the Jacobs Ladder Lancero, bet hurry off to Serious Cigars and buy yours today!

POSTED ON Sep 20, 2018


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