Cigar maintenance can be quite simple, but it is so important to making sure you have fresh cigars. The worst thing for a cigar aficionado is opening up your cigar humidor to find dried out cigars or even worse, cigars that are way too moist. Keeping your humidor in order and checking them regularly are important steps in making sure your cigars stay fresh and ready to smoke

 A dried out cigar will not smoke properly and will usually crumble while cutting and smoking, so keeping them at the right humidity is paramount. Cigars should be kept in a humidor, a box that is tightly sealed that will keep the humidity at a controlled level. The humidity range should be between 65% to 72% while 70% is your perfect setting. Humidors are usually made of wood and are lined with Spanish cedar, a very absorbent wood that keeps all the humidity inside the humidor.

 Inside of the humidor are two important contraptions used to maintain your humidity level. First is your humidifier, which will hold either distilled water or a glycol solution to provide moisture. You should never use tap water because the natural minerals in it may damage your cigar leaf or cause mold. The second piece is known as the hydrometer, a gauge that tell you the level of humidity.

If you don’t mind a few steps, purchasing a high end humidifier and hydrometer are a nice, easy way to control the humidity in your humidor. However, if you are looking for a way to humidify your cigars with out a lot of steps, using humidpacks from brands such as Boveda are a nice easy way to keep your cigars fresh without the hassle. You can purchase all your humidifying accessories right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 02, 2018


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