Gurkha is a quite unique company in the cigar industry. Their founder, Kaizad Hansotia, was not born into a grand tobacco family. He wasn’t raised on the tobacco fields of Cuba or worked in a cigar factory of any kind. In fact, the story of one of the most illustrious cigar brands started with a young drunk business man hanging out at a beach. This entrepreneur turned a small, nearly non existence brand into what is known as the rolls Royce of cigars through determination, good business tactics and marketing creativity.

 Kaizad was the owner of a duty free business when he found a local man in India selling a cigar brand called Gurkha. They were named after the famed warriors of Nepal, the same soldiers that decorate many of the modern day Gurkha cigar bands. For less then $200 he bought the entire line and began to have them produced at various factories throughout the world.

 Gurkha is now known for two things. The first being their wide variety of cigars. It is hard to find another company with as many lines, or as many private labels. When I was working in the store, a store with a solid Gurkha selection I might add, everyday someone would ask for a certain Gurkha that I had never heard of. This variety and wide range of lines has become a pillar of the brand, with a great cigar for every profile or preference.

 The second reason behind Gurkhas popularity is their line of very high end, exquisite cigars. These include lines such as the Black Dragon and the His Majesty Reserve. The Black Dragon was packed in a hand carved box made out of rare camel bone while His Majesty Reserve is infused with a bottle of Louis XIII Congac, with both cigars retailing for around $1,000 each. Surprisingly, both of these cigars, while very rare, have actually sold out on several occasions, mostly to businessmen overseas.

 Kaizad may not have been born into a cigar family, but he understands the business very well. He is able to combine very well balanced blends with a marketing system to create one of the best selling cigar brands on the market. You can enjoy several of the Gurkha cigars right her eat

POSTED ON Sep 10, 2018


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