The cigar industry is quite unique when it comes to family dynamic. When discussing the great titans of our industry, many times they are not one individual but a family which has been working with tobacco for generations. You have the Garcias and the Padrons, kings of Nicaragua, while the Plasencia family has a deep foothold in both Nicaragua and Honduras. However, when thinking of the first family of cigars, Fuente is the one that comes to mind. For over 100 years, generations of the Fuentes have been manufacturing the best cigars in the world. Beginning with the great Arturo Fuente, his son Don Carlos is responsible for making the company what it is today. After his passing two years ago, the torch has passed to Carlito, the mind behind the world’s most sought after cigar… the Opus X.

 A few years ago, Carlos and Carlito decided upon a friendly competition. Working with high end accessory manufacturer Prometheus, the father and son team decided to create a new line of cigars with which they would both create competing front marks. This brand became known as the God of Fire and they are still some of the rarest Dominican cigars in the world.

 Originally, there were only two versions of the cigar, each bearing the name of their creator. The God of Fire by Carlito was crafted using aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos and an exquisite Cameroon wrapper. The God of Fire by Carlos was rolled using a luscious Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf instead. There was no clear winner as both of these cigars are fantastic. This lead to the creation of two more, special releases.

 The first was the God of Fire Serie B. It was actually released in two different sizes with one size using an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper and the other using a Connecticut broadleaf. In 2015 we were given an additional line extension celebrating 10 years of the line. The God of Fire Anniversario was released in 3 different figurados sizes and using an Ecuadorian wrapper.

 For the longest time these were the hardest cigars to come by, and it is till not easy by any means. However, driven to make sure our customers get the best of the best, Serious cigars has ensured we are fully stocked on all of the God of Fire lines, so enjoy yours now

POSTED ON Jul 24, 2018


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