Puro Sabor has grown to be one of the definitive Cigar Festivals in the world. With such established and legendary brands as Padron, Drew Estate, Oliva an AJ Fernandez, Nicaragua has risen to be one of the premier cigar destinations. Several major manufacturers from other countries have begun to establish themselves in the Volcanic ash of Nicaragua. Davidoff has announced a factory there and legendary Honduran bend Christian Eiroa has several of his blends made at the NACSA Factory. This year's Puro Sabor festival had a major announcement that could have a major impact on the premium cigar market.

    Arturo Fuente was a legendary Tampa based cigar brand dating back to the early 20th century. Following the Cuban embargo, the Fuente family was no longer allowed to use Cuban tobacco and was forced to move their operation elsewhere. In the 1970s, they had established themselves in Nicaragua, and began to really move their brand around the east coast. Their factory was then destroyed during the Nicaraguan Civil War, and once again the Fuente family was without a home.

    It was then that they moved to their famous home in the Dominican Republic. For over three decades, Fuente has been synonymous with the Dominican Republic. The Opus X line was the first Dominican puro and has since become the most famous and sought after cigar in the world. The past few years have seen a lot of changes for the Fuentes, including the sad passing of the family patriarch Don Carlos Fuente. Last month, we saw one of the biggest changes in the family's history, and one of the most important announcements in the industry in quite some time.

    This year, Carlito announced that Arturo Fuente will be returning to Nicaragua. They will be building a factory in the heart of Esteli which they hope will be operational in the next few years. The factory has been named "Gran Fabrica de Tabacos La Bella y La Bestia", which translates to Beauty and the Beast. This signifies a big change in the industry. While Fuente will still be a majority Dominican manufacturer, by panting their flag in Nicaragua as well, they are subtly stating that they see the value in the country. The industry is slowing changing, and the Fuente family can see where the winds are blowing.

POSTED ON Feb 21, 2018


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