Whether you’ve joined in, or not, I’m fairly certain I speak for all of us when I say we’ve all been at least tempted to smoke an exceptionally flavored cigar. There always seems to be that one fragrant blend lit up in the lounge, or any smoking environment, that absolutely electrifies the atmosphere. But just how does tobacco become so aromatic? How are these premium flavored cigars made, and where does all of their zest come from? While only a handful of notable names in the premium cigar industry offer handmade flavored selections, there’s no shortage of iconic manufactures who produce large quantities of flavored, machine-made varieties. But the means of which the lush flavors on either option is derived can vary, depending on the type of cigar being made, or the flavoring methods of the manufacturer themselves.

The savory nuances found on flavored handmade cigars come from various types of herbs and botanicals, and other essences like cognac (and other liquors), coffee beans, and a vast array of popular fruits. These flavor sources greatly differ from those of machine-made cigars, as those are prone to utilize artificial flavoring. One of the most luxurious ways of flavoring premium cigars, found in handmade flavored varieties, first involves hanging the selected tobacco leaves in specific curing rooms. With all the possibilities at hand, the flavor of each batch is then generously sprayed directly on the tobacco leaves. Each room is specially calibrated for optimal humidity, which in turns allows the flavoring to gradually soak deep into the crops as they hang. This method is gentle on each leaf, and over the desired curing time, the tobacco will fully exhibit the flavor sprayed, while still maintaining its integrity and texture.

While this method is rather traditional, it is reserved for that of only the finest flavored cigars, rendering the details of the technique one of the industry’s most guarded secrets. The process in which the original flavors are extracted most likely depends on the company producing the cigars, but there are only a select few of premium brands who actually offer flavored varieties by way of this handcrafted method. So, the means of extracting the source’s inherent flavors remains somewhat of an industry secret.

But since all cigars aren’t exactly created equally, there are other ways to flavor more moderately priced cigars, and help keep the cost down to both manufacturers, and later consumers. One oft-implemented practice involves treating tobaccos with a flavored spray, which is first premixed in large vats or drums. A machine transfers this syrupy extract to a distinct piece of machinery, which adequately sprays the mix directly onto the wrapper or binder tobaccos of each cigar. Since these components aren’t aged as methodically as in the previous technique, this procedure results in a more subdued profile in terms of the vigor and profile of the tobacco itself. But since the smoker is most likely vying to experience more of the enhanced flavoring instead, this method compensates for its lack of depth and complexity, with an enhanced explosion of their choice flavoring.

The levels, or balance of taste within the many assortments of artificially flavored cigars available, generally varies from brand to brand. Each manufacturer may use different amounts of the spray itself, flavor the batches by different means, or even use higher quality oils which may cause the flavoring to adhere to their tobacco more organically. So, while the methods used in creating these exotic flavored blends may greatly differ from cigar to cigar, or manufacturer to manufacturer— regardless of the route taken, the result is almost always considered one of the most enticing, and gratifying smoking experiences that anyone can enjoy.

POSTED ON Apr 11, 2018


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