If one thing is true about the current state of the cigar industry, it’s that cigars are getting immensely stronger. From the Jacobs Ladder to the Todos Las Dias, manufacturers are striving to make full bodied cigars that are still well balanced and nuanced. One of the fathers of this art is the great Erik Espinosa. For the better part of a decade, Erik has been making a small batch spinoff of his famed 601 line that’s purpose was to give off almost unrelenting strength and intense flavor, yet all the flavors work together in an almost beautiful work of art. Many of you know this cigar as the 601 La Bomba.

 The 601 La Bomba is exactly what its name describes, a bomb. It is a strength bomb, a flavor bomb and a construction bomb… but in a good way. It all starts off with aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos followed by a zesty and powerful Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Each cigar has a name that foreshadows what you are about to experience. From the Atom to the Napalm and the Nuculear, you know what’s in store for you.

 Taking this idea even further, Espinosa is responsible for one of our favorite small batch full bodied cigars of all time, the Warhead series. This year saw the release of the 4th Warhead line, a yearly release with a slightly tweaked blend and new artwork, that really explodes with flavor.

 For all of you out there who enjoy a “knock you on your ass” kind of smoke, the Espinosa La Bomba is the perfect choice for you, and they are all available right now at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Nov 05, 2018


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