El Rey del Mundo” is translated from Spanish as king of the world. When it was first rolled in 1848 in Cuba, its creator Emilio Ohmstedt had envisioned it as one of the worlds leading brands, and it seems that he was right. Although it was one of the more expensive Cubans on the market, it became increasing popular due it its creative sizes, immense flavor, and quality construction.

 Following the revolution, the Cuban government nationalized the tobacco industry. The Cuban version of the El Rey del Mundo was still produced and maintained its popularity in the decades that followed. Yet, it was a more mellow smoke, and the trend was now leaning towards more full bodied cigars such as Partagas and Montecristo.

 The name was eventually sold to a small cigar manufacturer in Tampa name Karl Cuesta. His brand, Cuesta Rey still exists today and he was considered an icon for the Florida cigar business. He eventually sold the rights of the name to Villazon, the Honduran based company responsible for the Honduran versions of Hoyo de Monterrey and Punch. Even after the companies purchase by General Cigar, production on the El Rey continued. This new fuller bodied version that used an Ecuadorian wrapper found new life among the modern smokers.

 While it has still remained popular, General decided a new version of the smoke was required in order to compete with the rich and spicy cigars being rolled in Nicaragua. This newest El Rey has achieved heights equal to and maybe even passed its predecessor.

   The El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua is a pure Nicaraguan powerhouse. It is wrapped in a spicy and rich San Austin Sun grown wrapper. This is rolled over choice aged tobacco from both Honduras and the rich volcanic ash lands of Nicaragua. They are intense notes of cocoa, spice and leather, with a dash of a somewhat nutty taste on the tongue. It is a remarkable product that has seen the El Rey name spoken yet again by today’s connoisseurs.

The El Rey has stood the test of time, and continues to be a favorite among cigar shops and aficionados around the country. This newest release shows their commitment to quality, price and progressivism. Enjoy the full line of El Rey del Mundo right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Sep 10, 2018


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