The cigar industry has changed considerably in the past 20 years. The number of cigar brands is higher than the Cigar Boom of the 90s, however it is sustainable. With this many options, it can be quite hard for any one company to make a tremendous impact. However, the ones that do will forever be etched in the pantheon of premium cigar gods. One of these men is the great Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia.

 A famed roller from Cuba, Pepin and his family left the island nation to bring their skills and knowledge to the American cigar market. Since then he is one of the most critically acclaimed manufacturers in the world, with his cigars being named to several top 10 lists and garnering two best cigar of the year awards. Some of his most famed lines include the My Father and My Father LE Bijou, considered by some to be one of the finest cigars ever created. His Flor de Las Antilles was named Cigar of the Year in 2012, and his work with Pete Johnson and Tatuaje has made him one of the most beloved and respected members of the cigar community.

Yet, we have to remember the cigar that started it all. The original core line of Pepin, before Tatuaje was a behemoth and before My Father was on everyone’s tongue. The first major launch for the Garcia family in Nicaragua, was the Don Pepin Blue. This Nicaraguan puro uses only the finest tobaccos from around the country, including a zesty and oily Corojo 99 wrapper. It is bold, complex, spicy and rich all at the same time.

This is the cigar that set the bar for Pepin Garcia, and he has been raising it himself ever since. Make sure to check out the Don Pepin Garcia Blue and the whole My Father line right here at serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 29, 2018


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