The tradition of cigar smoking is far older than any of us and will be here long after we are gone. Its an art form, a passion, a hobby with roots dating back hundreds of years. That’s is why I appreciate companies such as Cornelius & Anthony, who creates new and exciting blends, but themed their cigars on their family background. They understand and appreciate not only their own history, but the storied past of cigar smoking. This is why, I believe, Debonaire Cigars has also seen tremendous success.

 Debonaire was created by two individuals with deep cigar backgrounds. They are committed to creating the finest blends using only the best aged tobaccos throughout central and South America. Their brand is a throwback to a simpler time, where gentleman of high standing would relax and enjoy their cigars while discussing the topics of the day. It is a beautiful homage to a simpler time where cigars played an important part in the daily lives of the upper class gents.

 Serious Cigars is proud to announce that we now carry several lines from this luxurious company. Another terrific aspect about Debonaire is their versatility. They have blends for every type of palate. For a smooth, mellow to medium you can enjoy the Debonaire Daybreak. If spice is more your thing, enjoy the zesty Debonaire Habano. Finally, for the rich, chocolate fans out there, enjoy the robust and flavorful Debonaire Maduro.

 Its time for us to all remember where we came from and how far we’ve come. Lets take a moment to appreciate not only what we have today, but the amazing cigars we all have the pleasure to enjoy. Pick up your box of Debonaire cigars right now at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jul 12, 2018


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