Patek Phillipe, Rolls Royce, Bollinger…these are names that have become synonymous with luxury. When it comes to cigars in the luxury category, Davidoff reigns supreme. Not only do they make the most sought after and illustrious cigars on the market, their storied past and renowned founder makes them a pillar in the history of the cigar industry. From a small shop in Switzerland to Madison avenue in New York, the Davidoff brand has become one of the most well-known and respected cigar brands in the world.

 Zino Davidoff ran a small tobacconist shop in Geneva starting in 1936. He had become very well-known through the tobacco world for running one of the most prestigious, high end cigar shops in the world at that time. In 1967 he wrote The Connoisseurs Book of the Cigar, an early guide book to cigar etiquette, which is now on the shelves of every aficionados bookshelf. This made him a central figure in the industry, and he was soon approached by the Cuban government who were interested in attaching his name to a cigar.

 The original Davidoff brand was then born, and went on to be the cigar of choice for high society. They continued to produce their cigars in Cuba until 1991. After several arguments between the factory and Zino over quality, and the fact that he publicly burned over 100,000 of his own cigars several years earlier feeling they were subpar, the two decided to cease their working relationship.

 Immediately after this, Zino moved production of his name brand to the Dominican Republic, where they continue to be made today. They started out suing the same front marks as their Cuban versions such as the Aniversario and the Gran Cru.

 Although they were always of the highest quality, Davidoff tended to make most of their blends in a smaller size and using a more mellow blend. As times changed they began to create larger sizes and more complex blends. Recently, we have seen the highly rated Davidoff Winston Churchill and the Churchill Late Hour series, as well as their Nicaragua blend and their recent 702 release.

 The price tag might be higher than usually, but when you are dealing with a high end, luxury product, you see where your money goes. There are exceptionally smooth, flavorful and have some of the best construction of any cigar line ever created. Treat yourself to the premier line and enjoy a Davidoff today.

POSTED ON Jul 02, 2018


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