The newest cigar from one of the most popular cigar companies has now found its way to our shelves here at Serious Cigars. Crowned Heads has been one of the industry leaders in boutique, craft style cigars for several years now and they have developed a solid fan base. Their blends are always outstanding, from their regular release Jericho Hill to their yearly Las Calaveras cigar with My Father. Their fans are incredibly loyal, and will often travel out of state to pick up special releases. As a tribute to their loyal customers, the team at Crowned Heads has crafted a brand new cigar as a love letter to them.

 Crowned Heads front man Jon Huber has always thought of his customers as a his court, or hi following, like in days of yore. It is in that spirit that they have named their cigar the Court Reserve XVIII, the roman numerals for 18. I do not want to get everyone too excited but this may be the finest Crowned Heads cigar I have ever smoked. This hand rolled gem was crafted by EP Carrillo using only the finest aged Nicaraguan fillers and a solid Ecuadorian binder. The finishing touch, was a dark brown Mexican San Andres wrapper that adds a new level of nuanced flavors to this already complex blend.

 Notes of chocolate and sweet coffee roll of the tongue, only to be followed by a rich spicy center from the aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. It burned perfectly almost the entire way down, needing only one touch up towards the end. There was not nasty, lingering after taste and the flavors start consistent and balanced for the duration of the cigar.

 If you are a Crowned Heads fan, this cigar will be a dream. However, only 150,000 have been rolled and that’s the end of the line so make sure you hurry over up and pick up your boxes of the Crowned Heads Court Reserve XVIII right now at Serious cigars.

POSTED ON Nov 16, 2018


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