There is no historical figure more iconic in the cigar industry then the great Winston Churchill. The late Prime Minister took charge of a nation on the verge of destruction and through sheer determination and will saw them through their darkest time to emerge victorious. He did this while smoking 10 cigars a day and enjoy his favorite beverages, namely whiskey and brandy.

 The Davidoff Winston Churchill: The Late Hour takes its inspiration from the man himself. While after working all day, many people retire to their bedrooms, Winston was awake, working tirelessly on strategy and speeches to lead his country to victory. It is in the late hours of the night where some find their inspiration.

To honor the Bulldog of Britain, this week we’ve put together a very special contest. We are giving away one of the limited Late Hour wooden ashtray sets. It is more than just an Ashtray. It also has a wooden cigar holder, and a cocktail set with coasters! If you are new to our weekly social contests, it is quite simple to enter. Go to either our Facebook or Instagram page. When you see the picture of the ashtray, share, like and comment on it. Best comment wins.

Make sure to check back every week for new and enticing contests and check out the Davidoff Winston Churchill: The Late Hour right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 15, 2018


@Jackson Nichols

I'm an historian with a great passion for WWII and for Winston Churchill's remarks and speeches, his refusal to sign a treaty of any kind with the Nazis, his fantastic wit and the countless images of him with cigar in mouth or hand. I would love to have this, even as a collector's item. Since I can't really fork out the money for anything Churchill/cigar related right now, I figure this is worth a shot. Thank you for your kind consideration. "If you are going through he**, keep going..." -Winston Churchill

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