Lets face it the, the past few years have been tough for the cigar industry. With looming regulations from the government, it has been quite difficult for companies to release new blends. We still have our fair share of new product, and the tradeshow is still a plethora of new releases, but it wasn’t what we were all used too. However, in that time, accessory companies have stepped up to bring us out of the box, and innovative products for our enjoyment. While we have been most impressed with products form company’s like Colibiri, it is Xikar that really has a special place in our heart. Two years ago, the Xikar team released one of its most popular and stunning cutters yet… the Xikar XO.

 The Xikar XO is unlike any cutter you have ever seen. First of all, it is a perfect circle. While most double bladed cutters use either a square or rectangular oval shape, the XO uses the most up to date data to craft this gem. It was one of the sharpest cutters I have ever used and never jams or breaks. It provides a clean, straight cut every time. Its geared cutting system ensure it works every time and provides a beautiful aesthetic that cigar smokers everywhere have fallen in love with. Generally there are two types of cutters. You have your basic everyday cigar cutter that is usually plastic and does an ok job of cutting your cigar. Then you have your high end, special occasion cigar cutter. The XO is one of the few cigar cutters that is both. It may be slightly more expensive then you are use to seeing for a cigar cutter, but this is a tool that will last you a life time.

 In honor of this amazing cigar cutter, our weekly contest will involve giving away this amazing tool. Visit our Facebook, Instagram or twitter page today. Like, Share and comment on the picture of the XIkar XO. The best contest will win one of the worlds finest cutters. Make sure you check back every week for amazing giveaways and deals right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jul 31, 2018


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