Gurkha cigars are known for two things: a plethora of rich, enticing blends and their ridiculously awesome giveaways. Gurkha is a very military themed company, with many of their best cigars such as the Ancient Warrior, the Genghis Khan and the Assassin all taking their inspiration of notions of battle. This had led the company to focus many of their accessories and giveaways around a military theme.

 We have seen several awesome products from Gurkha outside of their great cigars. They have a whole series of knives that actually hold an edge and are quite affective. At some events, they’ve been known giveaway a sniper rifle, which is so crazy its awesome. However, their most popular giveaway has to be their military style backpacks.

 So for this weeks Serious Contest, we are offering up one of these limited bags for our loyal customers. They are durable, light and equipped with as many pouches and straps as you can think of. They are awesome for traveling and also a great place to keep your cigars on the road. So for the next two days, visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page. Share, like, and comment on the picture. Whoever leaves the coolest comment will win.

 Don’t forget, this contest only lasts 48 hours, so the minute you see this head over to our social media pages and share, like, and comment for your chance to win this awesome backpack from Gurkha.

POSTED ON Jul 17, 2018


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