Drew Estate has really defied all the odds, starting out as a new age boutique company with a little kiosk to one of the five biggest premium cigar manufacturers in the world. Their success can be attributed to several defining factors. First, the creativity and blend experimentation of their team have made their cigars not only incredibly popular, but also amongst the highest rated on the market. From Their infused Acid line to the high end Liga Privada, Drew Estates portfolio is filled with exciting and remarkable cigars for just about every preference.

 Second, and just as impressive, is their marketing ability. They have enticing and creative themes for all of their lines and are excellent at branding them appropriately. They are the king of awesome cigar swag, from t shirts and hats to highly coveted cutters and ashtrays. While many of these are available at various cigar events around the country, some of their higher end accessories are quite hard to come by. Luck for you, the team here at Serious Cigars has happened to come across several awesome Drew Estate swag items, including this small, pewter, Undercrown Ashtray.

 For this weeks contest, which begging’s this morning, go to either our Facebook, Instagram, or twitter page. Like, Share and comment on the picture of the ashtray. The best comment will be the owner of this highly rare and sought after item.

 This contest will only last for two days, so go to any of our social media pages and like, share, and comment right away for your chance to win the Undercrown ashtray.

POSTED ON Jul 23, 2018


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