As the great Don Carlos Fuente once said, “you cant rush the hands of time”. Truer words have never been spoken. The Fuente family has taken this mantra and used it to become one of the leading manufacturers of premium cigars in the world. From their 8-5-8 and Chateau lines to their luxurious Hemingway and Don Carlos cigars, Arturo Fuente has always been first and foremost about quality and patience. No cigar in the world better exemplifies these principles then the legendary Fuente Fuente Opus X, which is one of the best and most sought after cigars in history.

 For nearly 100 years since the creating of this company, they have never let time stop them. Through various disasters in Nicaragua to full brans burning down in the Dominican Republic, they have always persevered and have crafted the worlds finest products.

 In celebration of the excellence espoused by Arturo Fuente, we are giving you a chance to own one of their best looking accessories, the coveted Hands of Time ashtray. For the next two days, visit either our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and like, comment, and share the picture of the ashtray. Whoever does all three and leaves the best comment will win this one of a kind, beautiful piece.

 Unlike the Fuente philosophy, time is now a factor. By tomorrow night, the contest will end and we will choose a winner so make sure to check out all of our social pages for your chance to win.

POSTED ON Jul 09, 2018


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