With regulations looking over the shoulder of each cigar manufacturer, creating new blends each year is becoming more and more difficult. However, not one to rest on his laurels, Alec Bradley front man Alan Rubin decided why not release so amazing new accessories as well. While Alec Bradley has released new cigars this past year, their newest lighter may be one of the coolest things we have seen in a while.

 Introducing the Alec Bradley Burn lighter. If you think this lighter resembles a blow torch, well you are right. This table top lighter is amazingly cool, with a head that creates one of the most impressive flames we have ever seen. Not only does it produce a large flame, you can increase and decrease the size at will and it will stay lit without having to hold down an ignition button.

 Now here comes the catch, the lighter is not currently available for purchase. However, Serious cigars wishes to give our loyal customers a chance to earn one themselves. Starting today, we are running a social media contest, with the winner earning themselves one of these impressive lighters. Check out Instagram and Facebook page for our post about the lighter. Like comment and share the post in order to enter into the contest. The winner will be the customer who leaves the best comment. The contest only lasts 24 hours so make sure check out our pages right away.

POSTED ON Jun 25, 2018


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