Millennials are drinking more wine than ever before. It is about time the younger generation began to appreciate the sophistication, craftsmanship and pride that goes into crafting a superb bottle of wine. As the popularity of the magic grape grows, cigar aficionados are going to begin to experiment with different wine and cigar pairings. While the pairings aren't as straight forward as lets say whiskey or even coffee, there are some fantastic wines out there that pair up perfectly with your favorite cigars.

                                                                        Sangiovese Chianti & Foundation Wise Man Maduro

 You won't find an Italian restaurant that isn't stocked with Chianti. It is the most popular Italian red wine and created the mythos behind Tuscan wine. Chianti is technically a blend, but Sangiovese grapes are used in nearly every iteration. It is classified into do different varieties. A chianti is great affordable flavorful wine. A chianti Classico is slightly more refined and comes from select vineyards in Italy. Overall they are known to be fuller bodied, dry wines with notes of earth, pepper, spice and even slight notes of tobacco. We chose the new Wise Man Maduro from Nick Mellilo and his Foundation team for this pairing. This bold medium to full body has notes of sweet spice and pepper while is maduro wrapper gives it hints of rich leather, earth and cocoa. This pairing is best enjoyed after a nice Italian meal, particularly one using rich tomato sauce.

                                                                                Zinfandel & Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder

 Zinfandel is likely the most sold red wine in the US. While its fame stems from the California variety, it is said that the grape was first grown in Croatia, which shares a similar climate to Italy. A good zinfandel is powerful, spice and fruity. You'll taste heavy notes of raspberry's and dark cherry's, followed by a spicy and sweet finish. A finely aged Zinfandel can really make your night even more spectacular. We chose another new cigar for this pairing, lighting up the Jacobs Ladder from Southern Draw. This powerful heavy smoke uses a jet black wrapper and emits a bold profile and aroma. Hints of dark fruit, chocolate and a heavy spice change with every puff, keeping your palate on its toes. This is best enjoyed after a heavy meal, such as a fine steak.

                                                                                           Chardonnay & Macanudo Café

 While most cigar smokers tend to favor a fuller bodied red, a white wine could pair just as well. Chardonnay seems to be the go to for fans of crisp, clean white wine. While the grape originated in the south of France, it is now grown over all over the world, notably New Zealand and Napa Valley. It is known for its crisp, clean smooth flavor, with notes of light fruity sweetness such as green apple. Chardonnay is also the base for most of the worlds sparkling wine, including the Italian Franciacorta. For a cigar, you are going to want to go with something more mellow and smooth. A Macanudo Café is a classy smoke, with a smooth Connecticut wrapper that gives in light hints of nuts, cream and a dash of vanilla. This is a great pairing on a warm spring day and goes well after a meal of fish or a white meat such as roast chicken.

                                                                                                   Syrah & Caldwell The T

 Syrah is a unique, dark skinned grape that produces some flavorful red wines. It is primarily grown in southern France, but can also be found in Australia, Crete, South Africa and California. Although its flavor profile depends on the climate it is grown in, it is usually a medium to full body red with a higher tannin level. This creates a profile of dark fruit, earth and leather. Due to its acidity, it has great aging potential, with some aged bottles going for a very high price. Syrah is not for the everyday wine drinker, but more for the seasoned connoisseur who knows what they are looking for. For the Syrah, we chose yet another new cigar, this time going with The T, a collaboration between Robert Caldwell, Matt Booth, and AJ Fernandez. This Nicaraguan Puro uses a dark brown wrapper and offers up great notes of dark chocolate, black cherry, earth and leather. This is darker, richer pairing and may go well of a rich heavy meal.

                                                                                Chateau Haut-Brion & L'Atelier La Mission

 When it came to searching for our last pairing, we didn't need to do an incredible amount of research. We knew exactly what we were going to drink and the right cigar to pair with it. This is a wine most have probably never heard of, yet it holds a special place in the cigar community. It is grown only in Pessac, France which is located just outside of Boudreaux. It is a fuller bodied red that offers distinct aromas of dark chocolate, tobacco, cedar and red fruit. We specifically chose the Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion, and if you're a Pete Johnson you know why. Two years ago, L'Atelier Imports released its highest rated line to date, the La Mission. Pete, a well-known wine connoisseur, named this cigar specifically after this vineyard. A San Andres wrapper covers aged Nicaraguan filler giving this rich smoke a dark profile with hints of cedar, chocolate and raisins. This is quite the fancy pairing, a tad expensive but worth the money.

POSTED ON Mar 08, 2018


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