When shopping for premium cigars, you'll notice an almost overwhelming amount of options. Width, vigor, shape, color- if you know the differences between your smoke, you'll find something for every palate, or any budget. One thing that can be confusing though, is the placement of cigarillos alongside larger stogies. Casual smokers may mistake these varieties as something more akin to a cigarette, but I assure you, these selections often provide a comparable smoke to their full-sized cousins.

Simply put, cigarillos are shorter, narrower variations of standard cigars, ranging from about 3" to 4.5" in length, and boasting ring gauges averaging around 20-30 sized. Cigarillos are wrapped in tobacco leaves or brown tobacco-based paper, and like cigars, are typically made without filters. They smoke exactly like their big brothers (so definitely don't inhale), and provide all the same satisfaction and bold flavor, but in a quick, 10-20 minute window.

Less often proves to be more, and cigarillos are exception to the anecdote. Cigarillos boast portability and convenience, which are two constant necessities in today's fast-paced lifestyles. Like most compact things, there's a bit of novelty there, like the appeal of keeping a pint-sized version of your entire cigar humidor in just a pocket or briefcase; but I try to emphasize their appeal runs far deeper than a gimmick. Once you begin to familiarize yourself with some of the more prominent cigarillo releases, the differences, and even the lack thereof in some cases, becomes more apparent.

While size may be their signature feature, another important trait to note is due to their size, and being sold in higher pre-packed quantities, it's nearly impossible to handroll a cigarillo. Most of these fantastic offerings are machine-made, but still display all the qualities of a full-sized cigar. These sticks have a great shelf-life, due to almost being universally sold in stay-fresh tins or pouches. It's another plus for those forgetful smokers who let their cigar humidors dry out, or even forget to throw their newest selections in. They're mostly precut and ready to go, and these top-quality cigarillos almost always burn smooth and pull great.

Today, there's no shortage of premium brands producing top-notch cigarillos. Prominent names like Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Don Diego, Ashton, and H. Upmann, among others, offer luxurious cigarillos within their portfolios. Other brands that have conquered this market are just as familiar: Panter, Nat Sherman, Garcia y Vega- all iconic names who produce flavorful cigarillos that exude quality, and exhibit most of the flavor complexities cigar smokers seek from full-size offerings.

The world of cigarillos isn't limited to miniature versions of the classics. There's a myriad of options available at low price points. The lower cost of producing and increased technology has allowed for some of the most vivid and innovative types of tobacco products out there. Expansive flavor selections from popular machine-made brands like Phillies, White Owl and Zig-Zag range from exotic fruit infusions, to rich, aromatic decadence, or even boozy varieties like wine and cognac infused delights.

Time-honored brands like Toscani and Backwoods, offer straggly looking sticks that harken back to the days of the old west. Popular manufacturers like Black and Mild even switch up the tips, for an extra bang for your buck.

Cigarillos were first introduced centuries ago, but today, they come available in a wide array of profiles, including those comparable to premium cigars, and some which are infused with sweet and aromatic essences. They may be small in stature, but the options never end. There's truly something for everyone, so don't be fooled by their shortened stature! These little sticks pack as much bold and savory flavor as anything else. These premium-tasting smokes boast currants that can be as pleasantly mellow as a sun-aged Cuban, or as robust and decadent as some of the finest full-flavored blends.

If you made it this far, I'm hoping you're become inclined to exploring some of these pint-sized selections. There's a plethora of reasons to love smoking cigarillos, from size, to cost, to ease and portability. They're truly the perfect anytime smoke, so much that they're often sold in packaged of 25 or more. So give some quality cigarillos a shot with us, and take advantage of our superior selection and unmatched prices. See for yourself what all this fuss was about. You'll be glad you did.

And with that, I welcome you to this greatly underrated fold.

POSTED ON Mar 08, 2018


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