Camacho has done a magnificent job rebranding itself over the past few years and developing new enticing blends for their customers. The Barrel Aged line has done incredibly well as well as their staple Triple maduro. For Limited Editions, this year saw the release of the Camacho Diploma, which was at first discontinued then brought back to much praise. Following that pattern, Camacho is bringing back one of their most unique and interesting blends, but with a modern touch.

 In 2005, Camacho released a cigar known as the Coyolar. It was a Honduran puro, but the truly interesting fact was that all the tobacco used was harvested from the same farm. This gives the customer a unique experience by providing a consistent and rich flavor profile. The brand was discontinued during the massive Camacho overhaul a few years ago, but is now back and looking better than ever.

 This cigar uses Criollo tobaccos all from the exact same farm where the blend was born nearly 15 years ago. If you are looking for a premium example of Honduran tobacco, this is the cigar for you. It is bold, as most Camachos are, but with a refined aroma and subtle complexities that really make it special. Notes of earth and leather combine with dashes of spice and soil for a puro for the ages.

 No telling how many of these cigars were made. Being from all one farm, it is safe to say it may be difficult to produce a large number of these without sacrificing quality or soil issues. With that being said, they are available right now on Serious Cigars, so you better get them while you can.

POSTED ON May 21, 2018


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