CAO Cigars have been around since the days of the Cigar boom. They originated as one of the first boutique cigar companies, being based out of Nashville Tennessee. After the company was sold to General Cigars, many felt as though they would lose the unique perspective that made them such a special and sought after product. However in recent years, especially under the tutelage of master blender Ricky Rodriguez, CAO has thrived and reclaimed its place in the hearts of cigar aficionados around the country. One of the lines that has made CAO such a success and which has opened it up to a variety of cigar enthusiasts, has been their World Series line. With baseball season coming to an end, this seemed like a perfect time discuss this world famous line of cigars.

 The purpose of the World Series line is simple: to take unique tobaccos from countries that aren’t known for their cigar tobacco and create outstanding, one of a kind blends. Among the most famous of these is the CAO Brazilia, one of the first cigars to create a premium cigar using Brazilian tobacco. Since then the line has great expanded to include nations such as Colombia, Mexico, Italy, and the US. Each of these cigars have received rave reviews and opened up more companies to using tobaccos from their country.

 Among the more recent additions to the world series is the famed Amazon Basin line. Three different cigars, each using rare, aged tobaccos that are grown and fermented deep in the Amazon Rain forest using age old techniques known only to the locals. The CAO Amazon Basin became one of the most sought after cigars on the market when it was released and is still being sought out by many cigar smokers.

 Each release of the World line has been phenomenal, and we eagerly await the next release. Until then, you can enjoy many of the great CAO world cigars right here at

POSTED ON Sep 20, 2018


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