CAO has really been stepping it up the past few years. With Ricky Rodriguez at the head, we’ve seen some amazing blends come out of the boutique section of general Cigars massive line up. The Steel Horse line was rated in the top 25, which was surprising yet well received. However, last year CAO was responsible for the most sought after cigar on the market. Any smoke head knows exactly what I’m talking about, the legendary CAO Amazon Basin.

 Ricky Rodriquez pulled no punches when developing this incredible cigar. The Amazon Basin is hand rolled with a special filler tobacco known as Brazilian Braganca. It is grown deep in the Amazon rain forest and is only harvested once every 3 years. By mixing this unique tobacco with a bevy of Dominican and Colombian filler, along with a stunning Sumatra wrapper, your taste buds experience a once in a lifetime smoke. It is rich and zesty, with a savory sweetness that starts small and grows through the cigar. The band is actually a twisted piece of tobacco, adding a nice little visual touch to an already stunning cigar. The cigar proved so successful, it spawned two amazing sequels. First, CAO released the CAO Anaconda, followed by the equally delicious CAO Fuma em Corda, named after the process of tying the tobacco in a rope to really squeeze out the flavor.

 The team at CAO didn’t anticipate the craze the Amazon Basin would create. For the longest time, shelves across the country were empty, and the cigar forums filled with requests looking for the legendary cigar. Luckily, they are back and better than ever, so pick yours up now at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 06, 2018


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