When you hear the term boutique cigars, there are several companies that might come to mind. There’s your RoMa Craft, Warped, Caldwell etc. However, in the past couple years I feel no company represents the boutique ideology more then Black Label Trading Company. They keep each of their blends in a smaller quantity so as not to affect quality. They use creative titles and themes to make their blends stand out, and most of all they do no simply create cigars to make money. They craft each of their cigars with care and patience to ensure each one is perfect. Serious Cigars has a long history with Black Label Trading Company for those reasons. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the delicious and intense world of Black Label, starting with one of their most popular lines, Salvation.

  To someone who is relatively new to the cigar community, the salvation can look quite intimidating. Its Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper is dark and oily, while its band is black adorned with white skulls. If you were to glance at it quickly, you may think this cigar is stronger than hell and might be more then you can handle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Salvation is a solid medium-full body. Its aged tobaccos come from Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador, creating a cacophony of intense and smooth flavors. It is bursting with notes of leather, cedar, a dash of earth and a hint of spice.

 Its construction is a thing of beauty, with an almost perfect burn and a thick ash. Its smoke output is on point, creating a luscious atmosphere of smoke with a rich, enticing aroma. For those of you who are new to smoking, Black Label is a must try. For those of you who are long time Black Label fans, Serious Cigars is your destination for their full portfolio so pick some up today.

POSTED ON Apr 20, 2018


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