There are plenty of tales of success in the cigar industry. Each manufacturer seems to have a rags to riches tale, which is inspiring to see. However, if you look at all the family histories of the major manufacturers they worked hard and took a brand from nothing to something big. Christian Eiora is one of the only guys to have done this twice. Think about that for a second, he built a cigar company from the ground up, turning it from a name into a powerhouse and he did it with two different brands over a twenty year period.

 Any story involving the Eiroa family has to start with Camacho. In 1995, The Eiroa family bought the Camacho brand, that that point a semi popular but small Nicaraguan manufacturer. Christian moved production to Honduras, where it remains today, and turned it into a powerhouse. While the use of Honduran Corojo tobaccos in the blends is what first garnered Camacho some levels of notoriety, it was the Camacho Triple Maduro that made it a household name. This was the first cigar to use maduro tobaccos for the filler, binder, and wrapper, something unheard of before then.

 After more than a decade of success with Camacho, the Eiora family decided to sell the company to Davidoff and start fresh once again. While Camacho had been named after its original founder, Christian wanted a brand that represented his own family and their history. He soon founded two different companies. The first, CLE, uses his initials and his Honduran blends and is seen as a higher end continuation of Camacho. The other, with partner Tom Lazuka is known as Asylum.

 Asylum Cigars combines the years of tobacco experience from Christian with the marketing and creative mind of Tom. Asylum cigars are known for their dark, insanity related themes, their powerful tobacco blends and their big sizes. They cover a wide variety of smokers with the Asylum Insidious being perfect for the beginner and the Ogre being created for fans of bigger ring gauges. One of their more recent releases, the Medulla Oblongata is a limited releases for the high end boutique aficionado.

  Asylum is an insane combination of the traditional and the modern. Each blend brings something new and unique to the game, which is why it remains one of the most popular cigars on the market. Enjoy the full line of Asylum cigars right here at Serious cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 15, 2018


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