Imagine this, if you will. It is the dawn of a new millennium and the cigar boom has come to a tragic end. Several brands are discontinued following the normalizing of the market and there are more cigars then people know what to do with. Many companies just began pumping out smokes with subpar tobacco just to get them out onto the market, resulting in a plethora of below average cigars.

While many companies either slowed down production or waited on new blends, Robert Levin and the team at Ashton decided to step up. They were going to create something unique and intense that only true cigar aficionados would appreciate. 18 years later, that cigar is still considered not only one of the best full body’s ever made, but also one of the best cigars ever rolled.

 The Ashton VSG was first launched in 1999. Like all the Ashton name brands it is hand rolled at the legendary Arturo Fuente family factory in the heart of the Dominican Republic. It uses aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos for a rich and bold center. The VSG in the name refers to its Virgin Sun Grown wrapper, an Ecuadorian leaf that is oily, spicy and dark.

 The Ashton VSG was one of the first, full production full body cigars to come out of the Dominican Republic, following other great Fuente cigars such as the Opus X. Each puff delivered a complex burst of flavors including notes of nuts, cedar, pepper, spice, and a sweet zest towards the end. The construction was nearly perfect and the smoke out point was immensely impressive. Not many cigar smokers had seen something like this at this point in the industry.

 For the next 2 decades, the Ashton VSG as been considered one of the finest cigars ever made and a must have for fans of full bodied and full flavored smokes. It has been consistently been given ratings in the 90s and was ranked in the top 25 cigars of the year as recently as 2014. That is not just a good cigar, that is a dynasty. Enjoy the full line of Ashton cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 15, 2018


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