Drew Estate is with out a doubt one of the biggest cigar manufacturers in the world. It has become an endearing fan favorite and has experimented with some pretty crazy tobacco blends, like fire cured, but has made them enormous successes. Although it wasn’t their first cigar line, the Acid line was one of the catalysts for making this company the empire it is. They were one of the first companies that successfully marketed infused cigars to the general cigar-smoking world. The Acid isn’t your normally everyday sweet infused smoke. It has a more floral tone to it. It also has an urban artistic look and feel, thanks to the art work of Scott “Acid” Chester.

Today, Acids remain exceptionally popular due to their quality and variety. There is almost no end to the list of Acid lines available. Among the most popular are the Kuba Kuba and the Blondie, with the Kuba Kuba being among the best-selling cigars in the world. Newer additions include the new Candela wrapped versions of the Kuba Kuba and the incredibly flavorful Acid Route 10.

While Drew Estate has grown considerably since the Acid line debuted and have focused more and more on their premium cigar lines, Acid remains a fan favorite. It is popular amongst novice smokers or people who just prefer a more floral, infused cigar experience. You can enjoy the entire line of Acid cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Sep 10, 2018


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