We have written more articles on AJ Fernandez cigars this year then any other company. When you see the amount of cigars he is making, not just for his own brand, but for other companies, it makes total sense. This time we want to focus on AJs work with heritage brands. A heritage brand, in the cigar world, is a cigar brand that originated in Cuba years ago, but has newer versions that are made outside of Cuba. Some popular examples include Montecristo, Cohiba and Hoyo de Monterrey. By working with companies such as Altadis USA and General Cigar, AJ has had the opportunity to work on several different heritage brands, a chance he said was like a dream come true.

 Working with Altadis USA, AJ blended several new cigars across their three major heritage brands. The biggest and most popular of course is Montecristo. Over the past two years AJ has put his name on a few cigars in the Montecristo line. The first was the private label Montecristo by AJ Fernandez, a bold and dark box pressed cigar. Then he added the Monte by Montecristo by AJ, a major IPCPR release that garnered riveting reviews. This year, we saw his biggest release yet with the Montecristo Nicaragua, the first new cigar to be added to the core line in years.

 Continuing his work with Altadis, AJ also added new lines to both Romeo y Julieta and H.Upmann. The Romeo San Andres is a bold, maduro cigar that was crafted with AJ and Rafael Nodal, two titans of the industry. The H.Upmann by AJ is not only one of the best H.Upmann cigars ever created, but may in fact be one of AJs best blends.

 AJ has been working with General Cigar for years, doing several private labels for him when he was first starting out. Recently, he has begun to work on some of their biggest lines, including the ever popular Hoyo de Monterrey. Working with the General team, AJ crafted the delicious Hoyo de Monterrey Amistad. This complex and a cubanesq cigar was so popular it spawned two sequels. First you had the spicy Amistad Silver, followed by the rich Amistad Black, released this year.

 AJ is recreating the cigar industry in his own image. Not only is he now one of the major producers of some of the world’s most popular cigars, each one has garnered high ratings. You can buy all of the heritage brands created by AJ Fernandez right here at serious cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 08, 2018


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