7 20 4 Hustler Cigars Are a Bold New Take on a Fine Old FavoriteThe 7 20 4 Hustler cigars were unveiled at the 2012 IPCPR trade show, and they have received dynamite reviews since then. The creator of the blend and owner of the brand, K.A. Kendall, makes it his mission to resurrect nostalgic flavors and bring them back with a bold, new package. This smoke has a special blend of flavors and a unique look, making it an excellent stogie to start off the year with.

The first thing a smoker will notice when opening up one of these boxes is the appearance of the sticks. Each one has that old barber pole look, with two different wrappers spiraling together in a striped pattern. Medium brown and dark chocolate brown in appearance, the 7 20 4 Hustler cigars pair this with a label that pops off the background. It features the stick’s name is bold white type, with a black, bright red and bright blue underlay that reviewers found memorable.

It comes in three sizes – Robusto (5 x 52), Toro (6 x 54) and Gordo (6 3/8 x 58) – and possesses strong construction that ensures a sharp burn and agreeable draw. The lighter wrapper is an Ecuadorian Connecticut and the darker wrap is a Mata Fina. There is some veining in the Mata Fina, but it is a sharp looking stogie with a really tight pack, according to reviewers. In some other sticks, this may result in a draw that’s too tight, but that’s not a problem here. Some reviewers stated that the tight packing reminded them of a box press.

The first third of the 7 20 4 Hustler cigars starts with a set of flavors that will, for the most part, carry throughout the rest of the smoke. According to aficionados, the dominant flavors are a roasted coffee and pepper, backed up by some creamy and maduro sweetness. The sweetness transforms from a slightly sour citrus to cherry sweet and back again during the first section of the stogie. Reviewers pointed out that somehow these flavors all worked well with each other and didn’t clash at all. The ash is a bright white, and is tightly packed, though some flaking does occur.

The second third of the smoke produces more of the same, though the coffee takes a back seat to the citrus, along with the creamy sweetness. The only difference in the second third of the 7 20 4 Hustler cigars is that a nutty flavor enters into the mix. The spice begins to assert itself a little more near the end of the second third. In the final third of the stogie, the citrus, coffee and creaminess all play second fiddle to the peppery spice, with the nutty layer disappearing. Reviewers found that the stick amped up the spiciness at this point and there is some serious kick that may be a little much for a novice smoker.

All in the all, this is a medium strength and bodied stogie that accelerates to full near the end. It’s geared toward those that appreciate deep and finely honed flavors in their smoking experience, and the 7 20 4 Hustler cigars are the centerpieces of many humidors.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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