Affordable Cigars The first thing that people notice about 601 Mi Barrio cigars is the beautiful packaging in which they are encased. The package is a box that showcases the beautiful artwork of Cuban artisan, Edin Gutierrez. These limited edition smokes are released four times each year, which equals one hundred thousand sticks. Each package depicts a new and exciting work of art by Gutierrez.

Every 601 Mi Barrio cigar, from EO Brands, features a Habano wrapper with the filler and binder being from Nicaragua. Since the stick is released quarterly, each release offers a different blend from Pepin. These blends come from Esteli. These cigars feature tobaccos grown in the Esteli region as well as the Jalapa region. They are available in several different sizes, but the one that receives the most reviews is the El Puro at the 7.5 inch x 52 ring gauge.

The El Puro 601 Mi Barrio cigars have a unique texture to them. One reviewer commented that the body felt like a piece of suede when held in the hand. The silky yet dense body was described as being just slightly on the oily side. This stick features a three-seam cap and is very well packed. Those that reviewed this stogie said that there really were not any big veins that prevail. This gave the stick a very smooth appearance. The pre-light aroma reminded the reviewers of earthy notes such as those found on a farm.

Upon lighting the El Puro 601 Mi Barrio cigar, sweetness was noted to be strong with an added buttery and creaminess that continued on throughout the smoke. It also featured hints of a cedar and vanilla mixture. They were said to have slight overtones of pepper but that it remained in the background. It was described as being consistent throughout the first, middle, and final thirds, never becoming harsh. The draw was nearly perfect, as reported by those offering a review, and the smoke was plentiful. The ash held for quite a while and displayed a compacted salt and pepper coloring. The finish was noted to be a very pleasant caramel taste mixed with a sweet cedar note. This combination made it smooth and enjoyable all the way down to the nub.

These stogies would make the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything they need, but enjoys a fine smoke! 601 Mi Barrio cigars incorporate the very best blends of Nicaraguan tobacco with the innovation and know-how of a master blender like Pepin. Knowing that these sticks are only available quarterly with very distinctive blends also makes this a much more thoughtful gift for those hard to buy for people. Art lovers will be thrilled with the beautiful, intricate work that is part of the very ornate packaging of these wonderful, limited edition creations. Because each quarter features a different painting, the box alone becomes a masterpiece to collect.

Master blenders and rollers always create the best examples of craftsmanship and quality. This stick is definitely no exception, being the pinnacle of both. It is hard to beat the undeniably superb flavor profile that is offered from EO Brands.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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