Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano                     Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan long filler                         Strength: Full bodied

Sizes: Atom (5.5x46), Atomic (6x60), Napalm (5x52), Nuclear (6x60)

601 La Bomba Series CigarsThe 601 La Bomba series was released in the summer of 2011. Eddie Ortega and Erik Espinosa designed the blend for these smokes and introduced them to the world with the promise of full body embedded in the name. They did not disappoint!

First impressions are vital to any relationship. This is true of cigars and those who enjoy them. A yellow wrapping with black lettering is the first noticeable mark on the band surrounding this powerful offering by the Rocky Patel Company. This company recently purchased the right to profit from the EO brand. The center of the number in the 601 La Bomba series name, the zero, is in the shape of a bomb. If there was any doubt to the intent of the creators as for strength, it is put to rest at the sight of the visual display on the band.

The even firmness throughout this artful creation signifies that the cigar is of superior construction. A fuse-like pigtail is crafted on the end that alludes to the idea of a dynamite stick. This is easily clipped to allow for a nice, easy, cold draw. The dark, oily habano wrapper has veins throughout that do not distract from its beautiful appearance. There exists beguiling sweetness and vanilla flavoring on the cold draw. However, the pre-light aroma is a better measurement of what is to come with its grassy and earthy notes.

Upon igniting the foot of the cigar, a white peppery taste tantalizes the tongue. Leathery and earthy flavors join this initial greeting and continue throughout the smoke. While moving into the second third, many reviewers noticed a prolific production of smoke that is intoxicatingly satisfying. In this portion of the smoke, the tobacco kicks into full gear and jumps from medium strong to maximum full strength. This feature is carried through to the end without let-up. A touch of black pepper joins the simple flavor palate toward the end of the last third. Reviewers agree that the overall presentation of flavors is simple, yet remarkably spicy, dark, and powerful.

The burn of a cigar from the 601 La Bomba series is reportedly even. This is due in part to the ideal pull that exists as the aficionado works through the dynamic smoke. During the progression of the slow burn moving along the leaves, a punch best served on a full stomach is evident. As the air fills with the billowing smoke, there is no denying the presence of an impressive cigar.

The production of these EO brand cigars has continued as before the sale to the Rocky Patel Company. This Nicaraguan puro line was constructed by Don Pepin in his My Father Cigar Factory in Nicaragua. With names denoting their explosive nature, a cigar aficionado looking for a high gear, turbo nicotine imbibe will find it in the La Bomba 601 series. From the dark, oily wrapper to the solid ash burn, these creations, under the new ownership, are packed with explosive power.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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