601 Habano Oscuro CigarsAnother great offering from Nicaragua is the 601 Habano Oscuro cigars. The tobacco rich area of Esteli gives the world another smoke that is worthy of being hailed as being among the best. The blend that is derived from Nicaraguan tobacco is created by master blender Don Pepin Garcia. These smokes are made in five individual sizes; Corona 5 x 42, La Fuerza 5.5 x 54, La Punta 5.5 x 52, Trabuco 6.1 x 58, and Tronco 5 x 52. These are sold in cases of twenty.

The binder and the filler is Nicaraguan tobacco. The wrapper is Nicaraguan as well, and made from the tobacco that gives the smoke its name. The 601 Habano Oscuro cigar is reviewed as being a very full bodied offering.

When reviewers inspected the smoke before they lit it, they all reported that the wrapper was quite oily and very rich looking in appearance. The color is a deep brown that has a bit of a shiny glow to it. While veins are present, they are on the smaller side, and this makes the entire body of the stick look sleek.

The 601 Habano Oscuro cigars are well packed with no sagging or soft spots. They feel quite heavy when they are held in the hand. The pre-draw offered a sweetness that was equated to that of sweet liquor. When it is lit, there are ample amounts of rich smoke. The middle of the ash is fairly solid throughout the smoke.

The flavors that were reported while enjoying the 601 Habano Oscuro cigar were a unique blend. Many reviewers stated that there was a charcoal like taste that came in behind the rich coffee and pepper notes. While this was the flavor profile throughout the smoke, the flavor would ebb somewhat and then come back strong. This fluctuation was consistent throughout the entire smoke. This is described by many reviewers as being a very complex smoke. However, most of them also noted that it was so enjoyable, that this was a stick that they would keep a stock of in their humidor.

It should come as no surprise that this stick would garner rave reviews from all who had the opportunity to experience the 601 Habano Oscuro cigars. After all, a master blender was in charge of the selection of the tobaccos that were used, and those tobaccos came from the richest soil in Nicaragua. Many argue that this area produces tobacco that could easily rival the tobaccos that are grown in Cuba.

When the reviewers were asked if they would recommend this stick or purchase another, a resounding yes was heard by all in regards to both questions. This is quite a commentary for a smoke, especially since the people offering the reviews are aficionados that know good tobacco when they smoke it. Word of mouth is responsible for recommendations of many things that are of great quality and value. This smoke is worth every ounce of praise it has received, particularly since it is both affordable and worth the price.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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