The Best Nicaraguan Cigar Online Is They 601 Habano Churchill The 601 Habano is a fully Nicaraguan cigar, from the binder and filler, to the wrapper. One reviewer spoke of the limited edition Toro and considered it perfect in appearance, with the tan or light Colorado coloring, and the smooth texture with veins that are nearly invisible. He appreciated the easy lighting for the larger size stogie, and noted razor sharp burn lines. The ash was described as staying on for up to 2-3 inches before falling. The thick smoke was also noted. The flavor of the first third was described as heavy on the cedar at the beginning, later joined with hay. As the smoke progressed to the next third, the flavors were more vanilla, hay, and sugar. The final third changes to cedar and chocolate, with a hint of spice. This reviewer gave full stars for value, and considered it probably the best of the year.

Another reviewer took on the regular 601 Habano Toro, and also considered it a good value. The review speaks of the pleasant appearance of the stogie, with its red-brown coloring and triple cap. It was solid with a spicy cold smell, and the ash held for quite a long time. It was very smooth after being lit, which surprised the reviewer, when compared to the cold aroma. Nuts were the primary flavor, with some leather and earth hints, and some pepper was noticeable starting from about the midpoint to the end. The reviewer appreciated the complexity of the stick, and found the price to be reasonable.

A different review spoke of the 601 Habano Oscuro Corona, measuring 5 x 42. Chocolate and nuts were recognized in the first third, with a burn that was perfect and an ash that was strong. The nut flavor was said to start fading toward the end of the first third, and the thick smoke accompanied the smoothing out of the stogie. In the next third, the smoke remained thick, and earthy flavors come into play. Cognac and coffee flavors are noted and chocolate returns when the cognac starts to fade. In the last third, the cigar is very smooth, with a huge mix of flavors. The coffee becomes the dominant flavor, while the others come and go. The stick remained cool, even with less than an inch left. The reviewer gave thumbs up and considered this an enjoyable smoke, and was likely going to be buying a box for the humidor.

One review addressed the 601 Habano Robusto. This Red Label stogie had an oily, dark rosado wrapper that was close enough to maduro to be easily mistaken. It had a Cuban cap and the review commented favorably on the overall appearance. The dominant flavor was leather, with some spices added by the wrapper. Things got sweeter after the half-way point, with some pepper and molasses notes. It differentiated between the pepper in this one and the pepper in the Connecticut. Instead of a black pepper flavor in the Connecticut, this was more like hot chilies. This 601 Habano was recommended for a hefty, well-balanced stick, but only after a hearty meal.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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