Here at Serious cigars, we take pride in offering the widest selection of cigars available. One of the most important aspects of selling cigars online is offering up a variety of packaging options for our customers. If you are looking to try something new and it is only available in $300 full box, chances are you may not take the risk and buy it. That’s why we are aggressively expanding our selection of single cigars. Lets take a look at some of our amazing choices we offer in singles.

Ashton Symmetry

The Ashton Symmetry is was years in the making. The first Ashton name brand release in almost a decade took the world by storm and has come to be known as one of the finest cigars Ashton has ever released, with one of its best price points. Zesty yet sweet with vintage Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers all held together by a gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, this cigar has already become legend

CAO Amazon Basin

The Amazon Basin is hand rolled with a special filler tobacco known as Brazilian Braganca. It is grown deep in the Amazon rain forest and is only harvested once every 3 years. By mixing this unique tobacco with a bevy of Dominican and Colombian filler, along with a stunning Sumatra wrapper, your taste buds experience a once in a lifetime smoke. It is rich and zesty, with a savory sweetness that starts small and grows through the cigar. The band is actually a twisted piece of tobacco, adding a nice little visual touch to an already stunning cigar. The cigar proved so successful, it spawned two amazing sequels.

My Father La Gran Oferta

The cigar is known as the My Father La Gran Oferta, which translates to the “the Great Offer”. It is an absolutely exquisite smoke, hand rolled with the finest tobaccos in the world. It starts out aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos plucked from the Garcia family farm in Esteli. The finishing touch is an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is so flavorful, I don’t even know where to start.

Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder Box Pressed Lancero

This stunning lancero is hand rolled in Nicaragua, under the watchful eye of AJ Fernandez. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, followed by a burly Ecuadorian binder. The finishing touch is what brings this cigar to the next level. It is cloaked with a rich and oily Broadleaf wrapper, the color of which is as black as night. Upon your first puff, you will enter a world of rich chocolate notes, along with hints of leather, nuts and cappuccino. Its smoke is silky smooth while its aroma is bold and rich.

Cornelius & Anthony The Gent

The Gent is the more mellow of the two. A medium bodied gem, The Gent cigar uses aged Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, an American binder and a pinkish Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It has a richness to it, along with a dash of nuts, sweet spice and cedar. The Gent really fits its name, being a well balanced, not to strong smoke perfect for the “gentleman”.

Our Heritage line is a portfolio of private label cigars that we here at Serious create for our loyal customers. The line started out with the Macanudo Heritage Reserve, a top of the line mellow to medium smoke with a ton of flavor. We are continuing the success of the brand by working with another one of the top cigar manufacturers, CAO.

 The CAO Heritage Reserve is a solid mellow to medium offering. It is hand crafted using only the finest aged tobaccos available, including fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, giving it a tremendously complex profile. Its binder is a rich and bold Connecticut broadleaf which pairs well with the wrapper, a smooth and creamy Connecticut shade grown leaf. It is smooth, creamy and rich with notes of leather, cocoa, nuts and a touch of earth. It has a great balance of full flavor but still medium strength.

 The CAO Heritage Reserve is just the latest in a line of amazing cigars we are making with General Cigars, and you can expect for now. Enjoy the full line of CAO cigars right now at Serious Cigars.

Who has made more of the American Dream then Rocky Patel. He immigrated to this country, worked hard, went to school, became a Hollywood attorney to the stars, and then started his own cigar company. He is now one of the leading manufacturers of cigars in the world, all due to his hard work, determination and the opportunities presented to him in this great country. Unfortunately now, our industry is under attack from several government agencies who wish to destroy everything that people like Rocky have built. In response to this, Rocky Patel release a special cigar that emphasizes the one characteristic of America that lead him to success.

 The Rocky Patel Freedom is more than just a symbol for our great nation, it is also, at its basic form, an amazing cigar. This hand rolled beauty uses aged Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler and binder, followed by a sultry Sumatra wrapper on the outside. Notes of coffee beans, nuts and spice combine to create a flavorful and complex profile.

 Many men and women have fought and died to protect this country from tyranny and to solidify the freedoms we hold so dear. Rocky espouses this feelings in this cigar, both in its powerful flavors and powerful message. Pick up your box today at Serious Cigars.

When two tobacco giants come together to work on a project, 9 times out of 10 it is going to be something spectacular. That is exactly what we have here. Romeo y Julieta is one of the most well known cigar brands in the world and one of the best-selling cigars in the country. The Plasencia family is widely regarded as the premier tobacco family and besides their own name brands, have created some of the highest rated cigars for other cigar manufactures. After years of waiting, we are finally able to see what would happen when these two titans work together on a cigar. The result is a complex, medium bodied cigar with the reliability of a Romeo and the intense flavor of a Plasencia.

 The ROMEO Y JULIETA CRAFTED BY PLASENCIA is a medium bodied cigar hand crafted at the legendary Plasencia factory, in the heart of Esteli Nicaragua. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, grown right on the family farm. The binder and wrapper are exquisite Habano leaves that are as oily as they are flavorful. While the cigar starts out with some intense spice, it quickly mellows out to a well balanced smoke with tremendous notes of leather, coffee, nuts and a dash of sweetness.

 What we have here is the best of both worlds. The Romeo by Plasencia has the complexity, flavor profile and construction we have all come to know from the Plasnecia family. It combines these aspects with the wide availability and great price of the Romeo line to bring you a high end premium cigar at an unheard of price. You can enjoy the new ROMEO Y JULIETA CRAFTED BY PLASENCIA right now at Serious Cigars.

When thinking of the great Dominican cigar families, there are 3 that come to mind right away. There are the Fuentes, The Gomez Family, and of course the Quesadas. For close to half a century, the Quesadas have been one of the leading cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic. Their knowledge of cigars and tobacco is almost incalculable. It is safe to say that along with the Plascencia’s, they are amongst the wisest members of the cigar industry. To celebrate 40 years of making some of the worlds finest cigars, the Quesadas decided to release a limited edition smoke that is now seen as one of their best projects.

 The Quesada 40th Anniversary was a special project spearheaded by Rachel and Patricia Quesada as an homage to their father, the great Manuel. It is meant to celebrate the great achievements the company has made over 40 years in the cigar business. The 40th is a phenomenal, bold and complex smoke. It uses aged Dominican tobaccos for the filler and binder along with an aged San Andres wrapper for that extra rich taste. Notes of leather, dark chocolate, earth and cedar combine effortlessly to bring you one of the finest smokes the family has ever created.

 This cigar is more then just a cigar, it is a celebration. It is a reminder to everyone in the industry that the Quesada family is a force to be reckoned with, they have been for a while and they will be in the future. You can enjoy the entire line of Quesada cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

When talking about small batch or boutique cigars, Viaje is one of the names mentioned time and time again. They have some great general releases, but it is their limited releases that have really made them one of the most sought after brands on the market. We have the pleasure of having a number of their limited cigars, including the brand new Scotch Bonnet from their pepper series. To help introduce some of their new cigars to our customers, we decided to run a contest on some awesome Viaje swag, however we are going to run this contest a bit differently.

 So for this contest we actually have two amazing prizes. If you go to our facebook page, youll see an awesome, limited Viaje t-shirt. If you go check out our Instagram page, youll see a ceramic Viaje ashtray. Ive decided to run it this way in order to keep up with our ever growing number of entries. However, the rules stay the same. Whether on the Facebook page, or the Instagram page, you need to follow us, like the picture, tag three friends and comment. Best comment on each page will win that prize.

 Even if you don’t win, make sure to check out our massive collection of Viaje cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

 The state of South Dakota is known for three things. First is the national landmark of Mount Rushmore. Next, is the worlds largest motorcycle rally that meets every year at Sturgis. Finally, is the historic city of Deadwood. This former frontier town is famous for its Wild West stories, including being the town where legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Hickock was finally gunned down. HBO made one of its most popular TV series based upon the town, making it known to a modern audience. Located in the town is one of the worlds finest cigar lounges, Deadwood cigars, an old style tobacconist and cigar bar. The owners actually became one of the first retail shops to carry Drew Estate products, way back in the day. After the brand became successful, they teamed up with Jonathan drew to create their own line of cigars.

 Deadwood Cigars combine the historic Wild West element of the town with the biker culture that has become prominent over the past few years. The art work for each of the cigars is straight Americana tattoo style, while the names are just as crazy as the blend. With sizes such as the Fat Bottom Betty or the Crazy Alice, Deadwood cigars fit perfectly into the Drew Estate portfolio.

 The team at Serious Cigars are very happy to now sell Deadwood Cigars. Through a combination of terrific tobacco, creative artwork, and top of the line marketing, Deadwood have become some of the most requested cigars in the Drew Estate portfolio, and you can enjoy them right now at Serious Cigars.

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