In 2007, Andre Farkas set out to create a cigar company that specialized in unique, small batch products. 10 years later, Viaje is one of the most sought after boutique cigars on the market. From their annual Zombie series to the Thanksgiving and Farmer Bill series, Viajes are a very desired brand and their limited releases tend to sell out almost immediately. In 2017, to celebrate a decade of craftsmanship, Andre and his team decided to release a special anniversary series of the cigar. To make this release stand out from your typical anniversary release, Viaje actually released two different cigars to mark the occasion. These cigars came to be known as the Viaje 10th Anniversary and one of the brands most popular releases.

 The 10th Anniversary was released in two different blends in two different packaging. First, we have the 10th Anniversary Black. Released in a matte black jar, this is by far the stronger of the two. Hand rolled in at the Raices Cubanas factory, the black edition uses strong criollo tobaccos including an oily and bold criollo 98 wrapper. At the time of its release, it was considered one of the strongest cigars on the market, with powerful notes of pepper, wood and a slight creaminess.

 Next, there is the White edition. This cigar was released in a similar humidified jar, however the color is obviously White. This blend is described as more medium to full body, using more Corojo tobacco then the Black Edition. It is smooth and creamy with tremendous notes of cedar, a slight sweetness followed by cocoa and earth notes.

 10 years is a tremendous milestone in any industry, particularly in the cigar business and Viaje is celebrating in style. Pick up up your jar of the Viaje 10th Anniversary Today! 

 There is no manufacturer in the cigar industry today that is talked about as much as AJ Fernandez. Not only does he produce a wide range of his own products, he is also one of the industry’s most prolific collaborators, working with such brands as Montecristo, Romeo, Hoyo de Monterrey, Southern Draw, Foundation, and Espinosa. His cigars have been rated 90+ on several occasions and with his updated factory, he has one of the most advanced tobacco operations in the world. While the news is flooded with new projects with other companies, it is AJs own lines that made him household name. The AJ New World is among his most popular products and we are happy to announce he has released a brand new size that is now available.

 The New World was created to pay homage to the brave explorers who first discovered the Americas during the Age of Exploration. The original version is hand rolled in Nicaragua using aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and is wrapped in a stunning Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The newest size is known as the Brute. It is a massive box pressed beauty, with a length of 6 inches and a large 66 ring gauge.

 This bigger size smokes surprisingly well, with solid construction and tremendous smoke output. Notes of cocoa, wood and spice combined effortlessly to create a complex and bold profile. If you are a fan of a bigger ring gauge, this is the perfect cigar for you.

 Go right now to Serious cigars and pick up your box of the new AJ Fernandez New World Brute.

 Alec Bradley has been one of our biggest supporters in our weekly contests and for good reason. They are not only known for making such amazing blends as the Black Market, Prensado, and Lost Art, but they are well known for giving back to their loyal customers. This week they have stepped up for one of our most enticing contests yet, a beautiful lighter and stunning ashtray.

 For those of you who are new to our contests, lets quickly explain how it works. Go right now to our Facebook or Instagram page and you will see a picture of this weeks prize, a hat and car ashtray from Alec Bradley. Like, share, and comment on the picture in order to enter the contest. The winner will be chosen from whoever has the best comment… lets keep it clean though my friends.

 These contests are a great way to interact with our customers and have a little fun while also giving something back. We hope you guys and enjoy and let us know if there’s something specific you would like to see. Until then enjoy and make sure to check out the full line of Alec Bradley products right now at Serious Cigars.

For many years, infused cigars were viewed as inferior by many aficionados. However, that perception has changed over time. With the creation of high end infused brands such as Acid by Drew Estate and the Java by Rocky Patel, infused cigars have found a nice little niche in the premium cigar community. With Gurkha cigars, they have created one of the first high end infused cigars. It is not packed with a sweet flavoring or an herbal blend, but instead it is combined with one of the finest liquors known to man.

 The Gurkha Grand Reserve is a high end, mellow cigar. It is hand crafted with finely aged Dominican tobacco followed by a creamy and flawless Connecticut Shade wrapper. It is then infused with a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac, one of the worlds most soft after and expensive liquors. This is the same liquor used in the infamous Gurkha His Majesty Reserve, one of the most expensive cigars ever created. While the Grand Reserve is expensive, it doesn’t come close to the price of the His Majesty Reserve. This is due to a rare 15 year old tobacco used on the latter, while the former uses a still delicious 5 year old wrapper.

 This cigar is as smooth as you can imagine. Notes of nuts and cream combine effortlessly with the wood and cognac flavors from the Louis XIII. The burn is one of the best you will see on an infused cigar followed by a great draw and rich smoke output. The cigars come encased in a class tube that is closed with a wax cover.

 The Gurkha Grand Reserve is one of the few cigars that combines elements from different genres. It has the flavor that makes infused cigars so popular, but a tobacco blend and construction that makes it highly sought after by true cigar aficionados. Get yours today here at Serious Cigars.

Serious Cigars has always made it a priority to provide our customers with the newest and hottest cigar brands available. While Esteban Carreras has become quite a popular in the past few years, we saw the writing on the wall well before then. We have been one of the largest retailers of Esteban Carreras of the past decade and we take pride in that. The company first started turning heads with the Chupacabra and the sequel HellCat. Last year, they continued their record of success with the bold and beautiful Mr. Brownstone.

For those of you with a sultrier reputation, you may recognize the name Mr. Brownstone as a code word for heroin. It was a term made even more popular by the famed Guns N’ Roses song. It may seem like an unusual name for a cigar, but the crew at Esteban Carreras is constantly pushing the envelope. Its newest release has gained considerable notoriety, but for more than just its dark name. It is being hailed as one of the finest releases of the year and the highest rated cigar the company has released to date.

 The Mr. Brownstone is a hand rolled beauty that uses vintage aged tobaccos for the filler and binder. It is then cloaked by a stunning Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. It burns well from start to finish, with a solid white ash. It has notes of dark chocolate, cocoa, coffee, and that signature Nicaraguan spice.

 Many who have smoked the cigar since its release consider it very similar to the Liga Privada No.9, in terms of flavor, strength and overall style. It is offered in 3 different vitolas: the Speedball, the Smack, and the main line.

 You can enjoy the Mr. Brownstone and the full line of Esteban Carreras right here at Serious Cigars.

There are few cigar brands in the world that carry with it the prestige and respect as Padron Cigars. They are considered, by many, to be among the finest cigars ever made. Padron cigars have been named to the top cigars of the year list more than any other brand and have been named number one more than any other brand. This is due to an uncompromising dedication to quality and aging techniques unrivaled by any other company.

 The Padron family immigrated from Spain to island of Cuba in the mid 1800s. It was there that the family learned the cultivation and fermentation of cigar tobacco. Following the revolution, company founder Jose Orlando Padron moved to Miami, bringing is century worth of cigar knowledge with him. While making some money rolling cigars, Jose was given a carpenter job by a friend who also loaned him a small hammer. That hammer has now become a symbol of the dedication and history of the Padron family.

 In the late 1960s, the family began using Nicaraguan tobacco in its blend, and eventually, due to travel costs, set up shop in Esteli, Nicaragua. Following several political issues including the Sandista revolution and the temporary blockade of Nicaraguan products, the company eventually was able to prosper and to this day has one of the largest and most advanced cigar factories not just in Nicaragua, but in the world.

 The success of Padron can be contributed to several factors, however a majority of it is due to their aging process. While their factory is quite large, the actual rolling floor is about average size. It is their aging rooms that make up a majority of their property. The aging process is what makes Padron cigars so special. Lines such as the Padron 1964 are aged for up to 4 years while the Padron 1926 uses tobacco up to 6 years old. This is the reason these cigars maintain a rich and bold flavor, but remain smooth all the way through.

 Enjoy the full line of one of the world’s finest cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

 Southern Draw has been making solid cigars for a few years. They were well known boutique company in the Southern United States, but didn’t achieve the notoriety they deserved, until last year that is. Founder Robert Holt and his team took the cigar world by storm in 2017 when they released two cigars that have garnered rave reviews and saw the company’s popularity skyrocket. Those two cigars where the smooth and mellow Rose of Sharon, and the bold and beautiful Jacobs Ladder. After the success of the launch, Southern Draw saw fit to add a new size for the Jacobs Ladder, a size they have become quite well known for.

 This stunning lancero is hand rolled in Nicaragua, under the watchful eye of AJ Fernandez. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, followed by a burly Ecuadorian binder. The finishing touch is what brings this cigar to the next level. It is cloaked with a rich and oily Broadleaf wrapper, the color of which is as black as night. Upon your first puff, you will enter a world of rich chocolate notes, along with hints of leather, nuts and cappuccino. Its smoke is silky smooth while its aroma is bold and rich.

 Any cigar aficionado worth their salt knows how much size can affect a blend. This lancer is no exception. Due to the greater ratio of wrapper to filler I found this cigar not quite as strong as the other sizes, but even more complex and flavorful. For such a thin ring, the construction was absolutely flawless with not burn issues and a tight ash that never flaked once.

 This is one of the finest lancer cigars I have had the pleasure of smoking. However, as it is not a regular production it is quite limited. If you wish to enjoy the Jacobs Ladder Lancero, bet hurry off to Serious Cigars and buy yours today!

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