Erik Espinosa is the wild man of Nicaragua. The man is a mad scientist, a crazed and joyful master of tobacco and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Working out of his La Zona factory in Estelí, Erik is more than just a cigar manufacturer. He is a terrific ambassador to of the cigar industry due to his knowledge, charisma and personality. The team here at Serious Cigars has had the pleasure of smoking just about every cigar he has ever made, and we cannot speak more highly of him. Besides his own Espinosa brands, he is responsible for a slue of other cigars including those made by Moya Ruiz and many of the blends for Cornelius & Anthony. While the 601 and the Murcielago are outstanding cigars that have developed loyal fan bases… it is the Espinosa Laranja Reserva that has established Erik as one of the finest cigar makers in the industry.

 The Espinosa Laranja takes its name from the Portuguese word for Orange. Why Portuguese and why orange you may ask? Well this Top 25 cigar uses a stunning, flavorful wrapper from the heart of Brazil, where Portuguese is the national language. Its Nicaraguan filler and binder give it a rich, spicy core while its wrapper adds in wonderful floral and citrus notes including those of, you guessed it, orange zest. It smokes perfectly from end to end and delivers a complex profile that only Erik can provide.

 The band is one of our all time favorites. It resembles and old fashion soda or ice cream label from the 1950s. It pays a homage to a simpler time, and immediately brings thoughts of an orange creamsicle to mind. This was named to the Top 25 cigars of the year when it was released and it was well deserved. If you’d like to enjoy the delicious Laranja or any of the amazing cigars from Erik Espinosa, you can find them right here at Serious Cigars.

Lets face it the, the past few years have been tough for the cigar industry. With looming regulations from the government, it has been quite difficult for companies to release new blends. We still have our fair share of new product, and the tradeshow is still a plethora of new releases, but it wasn’t what we were all used too. However, in that time, accessory companies have stepped up to bring us out of the box, and innovative products for our enjoyment. While we have been most impressed with products form company’s like Colibiri, it is Xikar that really has a special place in our heart. Two years ago, the Xikar team released one of its most popular and stunning cutters yet… the Xikar XO.

 The Xikar XO is unlike any cutter you have ever seen. First of all, it is a perfect circle. While most double bladed cutters use either a square or rectangular oval shape, the XO uses the most up to date data to craft this gem. It was one of the sharpest cutters I have ever used and never jams or breaks. It provides a clean, straight cut every time. Its geared cutting system ensure it works every time and provides a beautiful aesthetic that cigar smokers everywhere have fallen in love with. Generally there are two types of cutters. You have your basic everyday cigar cutter that is usually plastic and does an ok job of cutting your cigar. Then you have your high end, special occasion cigar cutter. The XO is one of the few cigar cutters that is both. It may be slightly more expensive then you are use to seeing for a cigar cutter, but this is a tool that will last you a life time.

 In honor of this amazing cigar cutter, our weekly contest will involve giving away this amazing tool. Visit our Facebook, Instagram or twitter page today. Like, Share and comment on the picture of the XIkar XO. The best contest will win one of the worlds finest cutters. Make sure you check back every week for amazing giveaways and deals right here at Serious Cigars.

 This is going to be a big year for General Cigar. After riding the wave last year with their new Macanudo Inspirado line, General is doubling their efforts with several new and exciting blends. Punch is pairing up with AJ Fernandez to get its boldest line yet, the Diablo. The Hoyo Amistad is getting a darker and more full body addition as well. While we are all quite excited for these cigars, it is actually a private label for us that is really revving our engines.

 While Macanudo has always been a favorite for the team here at Serious Cigars, we were always waiting for a bolder, richer version of the country’s most popular cigar. So after months of working tirelessly with the team at General Cigar and trying several different blends, we finally found the one we wanted to call our own. We decided to call it the Macanudo Heritage Reserve, in homage to the historic past of this storied brand.

 This gem is hand rolled with finely aged tobaccos from both Nicaragua and Honduras. It starts off with vintage Nicaraguan and Honduran long filler tobaccos. This is followed by a choice Honduran binder that gives it a distinctive rich and earth aroma. The finishing touch is an oily and flawless Honduran Havana Seed wrapper. This distinctive outer leaf adds in wonderful notes of pepper, leather and a touch of a sweet spice.

 A wonderful mix of tobaccos combines with near perfect construction to create one of the best Macanudos we have ever had the pleasure of smoking. It is rich and complex with a nice even burn and a wide draw that provides plenty of smoke. Like any cigar that uses rare, aged tobaccos, the Macanudo Heritage Reserve is going to be slightly limited. Make sure to check them out soon right here at Serious Cigars.

The team here at Serious Cigars are a big fan of the classics. Vintage movies, music, wine and of course cigars. Don’t get me wrong, we love all the new cigars that are being released and are in total awe of the newer manufacturers, however sometimes we appreciate something simple and well bit. We don’t always need a crazy story with all the bells and whistles or a blend that just has too much going on. Every once in a while we like to sit back with an old favorite and enjoy just a good mellow smoke. Thanks to the good folks at Joya de Nicaragua, our wish for a classic, exclusive smoke has been granted.

 The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico was one of the first cigars ever rolled at the oldest factory in Nicaragua. It is nothing like the Joya we know today. It is not super complex, powerful or crazy strong. It is, in fact, simple. It is a straight forward mellow cigar with a nice flavor profile and smooth draw.

The Clasico uses aged Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler and binder. Unlike many of the Joya releases, this blend uses certain strains of tobacco that are exceptionally mellow and smooth. Combining this with a stunning Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, this is a creamy, velvety smoke, perfect for your first cigar of the day.

I feel like many of you think when I say simple it is a negative, it is not. When you wake up in the morning with your coffee, sometimes you just want a smooth cigar. You want something to enjoy while you sit back with the newspaper and relax. This cigar is perfect for that. It is so smooth and creamy and has such quality construction, you never have to worry about touch ups or uneven burns.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico now has brand new packaging, but the same great smooth flavor. They are now an exclusive to our website, so if you are looking for that perfect morning cigar… look no further than the Joya Clasico right here at Serious Cigars.

The cigar industry is quite unique when it comes to family dynamic. When discussing the great titans of our industry, many times they are not one individual but a family which has been working with tobacco for generations. You have the Garcias and the Padrons, kings of Nicaragua, while the Plasencia family has a deep foothold in both Nicaragua and Honduras. However, when thinking of the first family of cigars, Fuente is the one that comes to mind. For over 100 years, generations of the Fuentes have been manufacturing the best cigars in the world. Beginning with the great Arturo Fuente, his son Don Carlos is responsible for making the company what it is today. After his passing two years ago, the torch has passed to Carlito, the mind behind the world’s most sought after cigar… the Opus X.

 A few years ago, Carlos and Carlito decided upon a friendly competition. Working with high end accessory manufacturer Prometheus, the father and son team decided to create a new line of cigars with which they would both create competing front marks. This brand became known as the God of Fire and they are still some of the rarest Dominican cigars in the world.

 Originally, there were only two versions of the cigar, each bearing the name of their creator. The God of Fire by Carlito was crafted using aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos and an exquisite Cameroon wrapper. The God of Fire by Carlos was rolled using a luscious Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf instead. There was no clear winner as both of these cigars are fantastic. This lead to the creation of two more, special releases.

 The first was the God of Fire Serie B. It was actually released in two different sizes with one size using an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper and the other using a Connecticut broadleaf. In 2015 we were given an additional line extension celebrating 10 years of the line. The God of Fire Anniversario was released in 3 different figurados sizes and using an Ecuadorian wrapper.

 For the longest time these were the hardest cigars to come by, and it is till not easy by any means. However, driven to make sure our customers get the best of the best, Serious cigars has ensured we are fully stocked on all of the God of Fire lines, so enjoy yours now

Oliva has been the king of Nicaraguan cigars for years. They offer a full range of cigars from the super mellow Connecticut Reserve to the incredibly popular an complex Nub and Daytona lines. Their Master Blend Series is one of the most sought after high end premium lines on the market, with the original release going for thousands of dollars on the secondary market. All of these aspects makes Oliva amongst the biggest selling Nicaraguan manufacturers in the industry. However, there is one cigar that helped them evolve from a well respected company to the Mount Rushmore of the cigar world.

 The Oliva Serie V is not only Olivas most popular cigar, but it ranks amongst the most popular full bodied cigars in the world, and one of the highest rated. The journey of this cigar began over 10 years ago in the fields of Nicaragua. The Oliva family set out to make a top of the line full body cigar that combined power, quality and complexity. It is hand rolled with aged filler tobaccos, specifically ligero tobacco grown in the famed Jalapa Valley. Following its stunning Nicaraguan binder, the cigar is then rolled in its signature Habano Sungrown wrapper. This oily, blemish free leaf offers up tremendous notes of pepper, earth, leather, and a slight sweet spice.

 For more then a decade, the Oliva V has been one of the worlds foremost full body cigars and a symbol of the high quality of Nicaragua. It has been named to Cigar Aficionados Top 25 list several times over the years, including the #3 ranking just last year. If you are looking for unbridled power with a smooth and luxurious aroma, enjoy your box of Oliva Serie V today at Serious Cigars.

 Balmoral has one of the most unique stories in the whole of the cigar industry. Unlike many of their competitors, they didn’t start out as a small Cuban company. It in fact began thousands of miles away, in the quaint European nation of the Netherlands. Not many people know this, but in the early 1900s the Netherlands was one of the centers of the premium cigar industry. Since then, the Wintermans family have travelled the world, utilizing the best tobacco at their disposable to craft some of the finest premium cigars in the world.

 Today, their team consists of master blender Wilhelm van Overveld and craftsman Francisco Batista. Together, along with a small yet efficient factory in the Dominican Republic, Balmoral has released two major lines in the US, with two line extensions on the way.

 First we have the Balmoral Anejo XO. This stunning cigar is rolled with aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos and is then wrapped with a luscious Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. The combinations of a rich zesty wrapper and the aged Dominican tobaccos gives it a smooth enticing aroma and complex flavor profile.

 Their next release, the Balmoral Anejo 18 uses a similar blend with slight alterations. It uses some Brazilian and Nicaraguan tobaccos in the filler for an even more complex flavor profile. The Arapiraca wrapper is no ordinary Brazilian leaf, in fact is has been aging for over 18 years making it smooth and lush.

 Balmoral may not have the size or notoriety of a Fuente or Drew Estate. What they have is a history of quality and a dedication to making some of the finest small batch cigars in the world and a slew of awards and medals to prove it. Enjoy yours today at Serious Cigars.

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