An original Indian Motorcycle is the Holy Grail of the biker community. Although the company has recently revamped and has started putting new bikes onto the market, an original vintage Indian are highly priced and highly sought after. This mechanical piece of art evokes notions of craftsmanship, quality, and skill.

Three years ago, a company called Debonair Cigars wished to launch a new brand that conjured up the same characteristics, so what better name to choose then Indian Motorcycle. These delicious cigars are hand rolled gems that use aged Dominican tobacco for a smooth, rich core. They are available in two distinct wrappers. First you have the rich and chocolatey broadleaf wrapper. If you enjoy a something more on the spicy side, they also have a zesty Habano.

Serious Cigars is proud to announce that we will begin carrying the Indian Motorcycle Cigar line. Now our customers can enjoy the flavors, quality and prestige that comes with smoking this amazing cigar. Get yours now! 

Rocky Patel may be one of the most unique cigar manufacturers in the industry. He did not hail from a tobacco growing nation or have generations of his family work with tobacco. In fact, prior to the mid 1990s, Rocky had nothing to do with cigars at all. He was a Hollywood lawyer who worked with some of the biggest stars of the time including Gene Hackman. After being introduced to cigars during this time, Rocky found he had an immense passion for the industry. He sold his legal practice and spent the better part of a decade traveling central American, mostly Honduras, to expand his knowledge and his palate.

 In 2002 he formed what we know as Rocky Patel Premium cigars. His first lines we huge hits, including the Vintage 1990 and Vintage 1999. Since then it has been hit after hit, with many of his cigars reaching the mid to high 90s in ratings and quite a few named to the top 25 cigars of the year.

 His next big success came with the Rocky Patel Edge line. While he had tremendous success from the start, it was with the Edge and the Edge Lite that Rocky Became a household name. In 2008 the Rocky Patel Decade was named #15 to the Top 25 Cigars of the year while only 2 years ago we saw the Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro reach #2 on the list.

 It is safe to say that for more than 20 years, Rocky Patel and his team have dominated the industry. He creates new, enticing blends with great price points and terrific construction. We have a full range of Rocky Patel Cigars available at amazing prices, so check us out today at Serious Cigars.

 CAO has really been on point the past few years. While their acquisition by General Cigar nearly a decade ago did cause some concern bit its fan base, Ricky Rodriguez and his team have put all nay-sayers to shame with new innovative blends. The CAO Amazon became one of the hottest cigars in the country, while the CAO Flathead was named to the top 25 cigars of there year. The team followed up all this tremendous success with the delicious and unique Fuma em Corda.

 Using an ancient technique known only to the citizens of the Amazon, CAO was able to extract every ounce of rich flavor. The process ties the Brazilian Arapiraca tobcco together and then leaves it hanging to ferment. It is then combined with Nicaraguan tobaccos, a Cameroon binder and a rich Honduran Colorado wrapper. Each puff delivers notes of earth, leather, molasses and a dash of cocoa and caramel.

 This is a one of a kind smoke. Everything about this cigar is unique, from its fermentation technique, to its blend, even to its band which instead of paper is actually twisted tobacco. Enjoy your box of the CAO Fuma em Corda today.

With regulations looking over the shoulder of each cigar manufacturer, creating new blends each year is becoming more and more difficult. However, not one to rest on his laurels, Alec Bradley front man Alan Rubin decided why not release so amazing new accessories as well. While Alec Bradley has released new cigars this past year, their newest lighter may be one of the coolest things we have seen in a while.

 Introducing the Alec Bradley Burn lighter. If you think this lighter resembles a blow torch, well you are right. This table top lighter is amazingly cool, with a head that creates one of the most impressive flames we have ever seen. Not only does it produce a large flame, you can increase and decrease the size at will and it will stay lit without having to hold down an ignition button.

 Now here comes the catch, the lighter is not currently available for purchase. However, Serious cigars wishes to give our loyal customers a chance to earn one themselves. Starting today, we are running a social media contest, with the winner earning themselves one of these impressive lighters. Check out Instagram and Facebook page for our post about the lighter. Like comment and share the post in order to enter into the contest. The winner will be the customer who leaves the best comment. The contest only lasts 24 hours so make sure check out our pages right away.

 The boutique cigar phenomenon is not a passing fad. While many older cigar smokers feel that the small batch, boutique section of the cigar industry is a fleeting trend, many of us think they couldn’t be farther from the truth. It has become an important facet of the industry as a whole just how the craft beer community became irrevocably part of the beer industry. In fact, we at Serious Cigars believe that small quantities, special editions, and “craft” series are the future of the industry. So far, these companies such as Tatuaje and RoMa Craft have created some of the most popular and highly rated cigars on the market.

 With the lingering regulations of the FDA, RoMa Craft has gone onto created small batch limited releases and sizes of some of their most popular lines. This is where the Mastodon and Saber Tooth were born. In the short time since their announcement, these two limited editions have become the most sought after cigars in the country. Every blog and Facebook book contains hundreds of people looking for these incredibly limited smokes. Well guess what… for a limited time Serious Cigars has a few boxes of each of the Mastodon and the Saber Tooth.

 The CroMagnon Mandible is among the most popular general releases under the RoMa Craft banner. The Mastodon is a box press version of this bold and rich smoked. The Saber Tooth is in fact the Aquitaine EMH, but with the edition of a single trip of Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf running across the wrapper.

 Both of these sizes are incredibly limited, so when I say don’t wait I mean it. Pick up the CroMagnon Mandible Mastodon and the Aquitaine Saber Tooth from RoMa Craft today at Serious Cigars.

 Altadis USA is on a hot streak with almost no end in sight. This is largely do in part to the shake up they have been instituting over the past year, placing Rob Norris as CEO who in turn hired the legendary Rafael Nodal as the head of tobacco capability. Together, they are bringing their brands into the 21st century by not only creating new exciting cigars at their home factory, but also working with some of the most innovative minds in the cigar world. When they wished to craft a bold, Nicaraguan version of Romeo y Julieta, they turned to one of the most knowledgeable families in the industry, the Plasencia family.

 The Romeo 505 takes its name from the country phone code of Nicaragua. Nestor Plasencia wanted this puro to be the epitome of a bold Nicaraguan cigar. Each layer uses only the finest aged tobaccos from Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega. With each puff, this cigar delivers intense notes of spice, nuts and coffee beans. Its box press shape provides a nice even burn and open draw.

 While Romeo y Julieta has always been a fan favorite, this may be the best one thus far. Its construction is nearly perfect, its profile intense and complex, and its aroma is smooth and enticing. If this is what the future holds for the Romeo brand, we should all be very excited.

Montecristo is the most well-known name in the cigar industry. Starting in 1935 in Cuba, the brand quickly escalated from popular boutique to one of the best-selling Cubans in the world. Even today the Montecristo No. 2 is considered the best Cuban cigar in the world. While it is still being made in Cuba, after the revolution many of the factory owners and blenders left the Communist country to continue their work in other nations. Montecristo found in new home in the Dominican Republic, where a new version as created. Since then, the brand was acquired by Altadis USA and has become the best-selling cigar in the US. While this brand now has countless line extensions it all began with the delicious Montecristo Original.

 The Original is still considered the epitome of the a high end, premium mellow cigar. It is hand rolled at the largest factory in the world, Tabacalera de Garcia. It uses only the finest aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos for a smooth, creamy center. It is cloaked in a golden brown Connecticut shade wrapper. Each puff delivers notes of vanilla, cedar, cream and a dash of leather.

 This is the original high end cigar. The Montecristo Original still reigns supreme for its mellow profile, perfect construction and complexity. IF you are looking for the height of cigar luxury, pick up your box of Montecristo Original today at Serious Cigars.

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