When discussing Cuban cigars and their modern counterparts, there are the few obvious ones that come to mind. You have your Montecristo and Cohiba, and if you really know your stuff, then you are familiar with the Partagas line and of course Romeo y Julieta. Yet, El Rey del Mundo, both its Cuban original and modern Honduran version, sometimes fall by the waist side. This is a damn shame, considering both, especially the Honduran line, are some of the best full bodied cigars for your money Lets take a brief look at the historic El Rey line.

 The original El Rey from Cuba was once one of the most popular and esteemed brands in the world. It was one of the only mellow cigars that still maintained that signature Cuban flavor. When consumers taste began to shift more towards fuller bodies, the popularity of the original El Rey began to wane. That is where the bold new incarnation began to take form.

 Following the revolution, several cigar manufacturers fled the now communist nation to begin to craft cigars around the world. Honduras became home to the modern version of the El Rey Del Mundo. Currently manufactured by General Cigar, the Honduran El Rey is big, bold and beautiful. It comes in a variety of different sizes which include your choice of a cedar filled Ecuadorian Sumatra version, or a rich and bold dark maduro.

El Rey del Mundo is the smoke of choice for anyone who loves not only heavy, earthy Honduran notes, but also for the baller on a budget. These fan favorites are not often smoked by the occasional aficionado, but more likely they become a mainstay in someone’s humidor. They are great for any time of year and for any occasion. Are you having a fancy dinner party? Break out the El Reys! How about just something to smoke on and off while you do yard work? The El Rey is there. They remain one of the most stable and consistent premium cigars in the world, which is why they are named the king. Get yours today at Serious Cigars.

 Rafael Nodal has had his share of headlines over the past year. His new position with Altadis USA has brought a lot of good attention to the cigar giant and has revitalized the team into making new and exciting blends. However, Rafael never forgot where he came from or his responsibilities to his own brand, Aging Room. This year, the Dominican master teamed up with one of the most prominent families in the industry to bring you an Aging Room Nicaraguan Puro.

 With his work with Altadis, Rafael has had extensive contact with the Plasencia family. Their recent work on the Montecristo Epic Craft cured was lauded by many and has received 90+ ratings across the board. With his relationship already in place, Rafael began working on a new blend for his Small Batch line. Named Puro Cepa, which means pure bred in Spanish, this outstanding cigar uses only the finest aged tobaccos from Nicaraguas 4 major growing regions. Youll get the spice from Esteli and Jalapa, while also the rich notes that originate from Condega and Ometepe. It is the full package for the Nicaraguan fan.

 It seems as though Rafael cannot be stopped. He is baking working double shifts, helping AUSA generate more progressive and unique brands while also working to make sure Aging Room remains the popular boutique cigar that he made it famous for. If you thought Aging Room was a secondary thought for him, this cigar proves your wrong in so many ways. Pick yours up today at Serious Cigars.

 Camacho has done a magnificent job rebranding itself over the past few years and developing new enticing blends for their customers. The Barrel Aged line has done incredibly well as well as their staple Triple maduro. For Limited Editions, this year saw the release of the Camacho Diploma, which was at first discontinued then brought back to much praise. Following that pattern, Camacho is bringing back one of their most unique and interesting blends, but with a modern touch.

 In 2005, Camacho released a cigar known as the Coyolar. It was a Honduran puro, but the truly interesting fact was that all the tobacco used was harvested from the same farm. This gives the customer a unique experience by providing a consistent and rich flavor profile. The brand was discontinued during the massive Camacho overhaul a few years ago, but is now back and looking better than ever.

 This cigar uses Criollo tobaccos all from the exact same farm where the blend was born nearly 15 years ago. If you are looking for a premium example of Honduran tobacco, this is the cigar for you. It is bold, as most Camachos are, but with a refined aroma and subtle complexities that really make it special. Notes of earth and leather combine with dashes of spice and soil for a puro for the ages.

 No telling how many of these cigars were made. Being from all one farm, it is safe to say it may be difficult to produce a large number of these without sacrificing quality or soil issues. With that being said, they are available right now on Serious Cigars, so you better get them while you can.

Nicaragua is home to several preeminent manufacturers including such great minds as the Padron Family, Pepin Garcia, AJ Fernandez and Nestor Plasencia. While the 1502 is relatively new in comparison, their founder, Enrique Sánchez, has a unique quality that sets him apart from the rest. Most manufacturers come from other countries, but end up being attracted to the soil and atmosphere you will find in Nicaragua. Enrique, however, was born and raised in Nicaragua. He grew up surrounded by Nicaraguan tobacco, and grew to appreciate it from a very young age. Whereas many other manufacturers have learned how to use Nicaraguan tobacco and gone on to tremendous success, Enrique was born into, it is in soul. This is what makes 1502 such a stand out brand.

 Serious Cigars is happy to announce our partnership with 1502 on a very special project. Deep in storage, Enrique had around 1,000 hand rolled premium smokes sitting and aging. For over 4 years, these cigars were getting better and better just waiting for the perfect project to come along and share them with the world. That project has finally arrived.

 This Nicaraguan puro is hand rolled using tobacco that has been aged for over 4 years and will never be available again by anyone. It is a nearly perfect toro with spot on construction and rich flavor.

 Don’t just take our word for it… here is what legendary review site Blind Mans Puff had to say…” Small production runs can be tricky, but they can also be lots of fun. Sometimes they will find smaller quantities of really high quality leaf that blend together to make a great combination of flavor and burn. It can make a statement and draw attention to a brand at the same time. I think 1502 accomplished that with this cigar. It makes a statement about 1502 as a brand, and also makes a statement about Nicaragua. The classic Nicaraguan flavors, great construction, and impeccable burn make this a cigar that you can just sit back and enjoy without worry.” They gave this cigar a 91 rating, which is very impressive for such a limited run product.

 Being such a limited release, we cannot just sell these cigars out right, but have no fear we have worked on a very special promotion. Starting May 14th, buy any box of 1502 and you will receive 10 of these illustrious smokes absolutely free.

Not to stress the urgency, but 1,000 cigars isn’t a lot at all and once their gone their gone. So buy your box of 1502 and enjoy this delicious special release before its too late!

 Serious Cigars has always been home to some amazing small batch private labels. With such esteemed brands as RoMa Craft and La Flor Dominicana making cigars just for us, we have established a great reputation for giving our customers the private labels they really want. Which is why we are pleased to announce our latest project from one of the cigar worlds most knowledgeable and gifted families. Serious Cigars has worked the with legendary Garcia family to create a delicious and riveting new blend that will not be found on any one else’s shelves.

 The cigar is named Crafted by Jaime Garcia for obvious reasons. This cigar was blended specifically for our company by the great Jaime himself. All of the tobaccos are grown exclusively at the My Father fields throughout Nicaragua. Its filler and binder tobaccos are aged Nicaraguan leaves that gives you that signature spice and cedar aroma. The wrapper is a special Habano Rosado Oscuro leaf, which offers up luscious notes of coffee, dark chocolate, pepper, and sweet spice.

 The flavor profile on this smoke is incredibly complex, with new flavors developing with each puff. The construction is on point, with a tight ash developing over time and a wonderfully open draw. They come in a few different sizes, but the Serious team is preferential to the toro size. It is as close to a perfect cigar out of the box as we have had in years.

 The Crafted by Jaime Garcia is a limited release, so if you want to try them out, you better act quick. They come in wooden boxes of 10, which is perfect if you are just looking to try out something new.

 Cigar smoking is a not as much of a habit as it is a ritual. It brings people together and helps them forget the worries that the average person carries everyday. It is more then just the cigar you smoke, but the environment which can also play a factor in your experience. Where you are smoking, who you are with, and the time of day are all key factors in maximizing enjoyment. Today we are going to take a look at smoking cigars throughout the day and deciding which ones go better at what times.

  • Morning

 This may in fact be the most important time to pick the right cigar. First thing in the morning your palate is fresh and unhindered by other cigars or a lot of food. Typically you want to choose something mellow yet flavorful. A Dominican with a Connecticut shade wrapper is the perfect morning smoke. The strength isn’t going to knock you out, but you want a little flavor in there to help you wake up. If you go with something stronger in the morning, your palate will be shot for the rest of the day. If you are a coffee drinker, I would recommend something mellow but with a maduro wrapper to give you that rich and chocolatey flavor. I would go with a Montecristo White, Charter Oak Maduro or Ashton Aged Maduro to start your day with.

  • Afternoon

 Now you’ve had your lunch and are looing for a nice smoke to help you relax and digest. This is where I go a bit stronger with my selection a solid medium or even medium to full body smoke. You don’t have to worry about ruing your palate because the selection gets stronger from here. You also want that extra strength to help push you through the rest of your day. A stronger Dominican or even a solid medium body from Nicaragua would work very nicely. Perhaps one of the new Macanudo Inspirado line, a Herrera Esteli, or for the boutique smoker a Caldwell Hit & Run are all perfect late afternoon smokes.

  • Evening

 Listen you’ve had a long day. You’ve worked your ass off, played with the kids ate a nice dinner and now its time to sit outside and unwind. After a big meal, you want to go with something stronger. Itll help you digest, not really but kind, but also really help you relax and calm your mind after a hard day. When it comes to strong cigars, there are a plethora you can choose, so it comes down to what you are drinking. If you are having some red wine, something rich like a Partagas Black or a Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro are fine choices. If you more of a bourbon man, perhaps something like a spicy Todos Las Dias from Steve Saka or bold Camacho American Barrel Aged would fit perfectly.

 This is not a set of rules that have to be followed, but more of a general guide. You want to get the most out of every cigar you smoke, so by choosing the right cigar for the right time, it enhances the smoking experience and makes you appreciate the cigar even mor.

I am a maduro fan and always will be. Recent years have seen increased interest in maduro wrappers, with Connecticut broadleaf being the hottest leaf for the past few trade shows. Now, we are beginning to see companies heading south of the US and entering into Mexico for their maduro wrapper. While Mexican San Andres has always been popular, companies like Foundation and My Father have used it recently to tremendous acclaim. Ricky Rodriguez and the team at CAO, who already broke new ground the with Amazon Series, have decided to throw their hat in the ring and release the first CAO using Mexican tobacco.


    The CAO Zocalo, named after the main square in Mexico City, is a stunning smoke from one of this generations hottest blenders. It uses Nicaraguan filler tobaccos to give you that nice sweet spice followed by a Cameroon binder for a bit of toothiness and cedar notes. The finishing touch is a Morron wrapper grown in the heart of the San Andres Valley in Mexico. This dark leaf gives off intense notes of chocolate, earth and spice along with a tremendous amount of smoke.


    They were shipped out to coincide with Cinco de Mayo, making this in fact a perfect holiday smoke. It is a great cigar, don’t get me wrong, but for any member of the cigar community it is more than that. It shows the versatility of CAO, particularly Ricky, and how they can effectively adapt to the market. It also shows the prominence of Mexican tobacco. With cigars like the Casa Turrent 1880, Wise Man Maduro, and now the CAO Zocalo, I think we are about to enter into a delicious era of Mexican tobacco.

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