The term Jacobs Ladder originates from the Old Testament of the bible. The prophet Jacob in search of has a dream in which he sees a ladder that reaches from the earth to the heavens, and he witnesses angels and even the lord himself descending the ladder. When Jacob awoke, he knew the land he had discovered the new home for him and his people in modern day Israel. When crafting his newest line, Southern Draw front man Robert holt took inspiration from this biblical tale. When you first light up this smoke, it is like seeing the face of God himself.

 This gem is hand rolled in Nicaragua, under the watchful eye of AJ Fernandez. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, followed by a burly Ecuadorian binder. The finishing touch is what brings this cigar to the next level. It is cloaked with a rich and oily Broadleaf wrapper, the color of which is as black as night. Upon your first puff, you will enter a world of rich chocolate notes, along with hints of leather, nuts and cappuccino. Its smoke is silky smooth while its aroma is bold and rich.

 This is one of the best cigars released at this year’s trade show. Its combination of full body notes, yet a smooth and silly aroma makes it one of Southern draws best releases to date. When smoking the Ladder, do not be afraid if you begin to see visions of the heavens and other worlds, it is simply this beautiful cigar working its magic. Enjoy your Jacobs Ladder right now at Serious Cigars.

The cigar industry was struck a blow a few years back when we lost legendary manufacturer and world renowned musician Avo Uvezian. While he is an icon in the cigar community, he is perhaps best known for scoring several top hits including Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night”. While enjoying the success of the music industry, Avo became an active cigar enthusiasts. After smoking what he deemed an overpriced and subpar Cuban cigar, Avo threw his hat into the ring and began to craft his own cigar blends.

 The Avo brand is now celebrating its 30th anniversary, and in the spirit of its founder, it is going big. The first release of the year from the Davidoff owned company is known as the Avo Improvisation 30 years. It is a stunning Dominican made smoke, using an Ecuadorian wrapper covering aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos. With 6 planned releases this year for the 30th anniversary, the Improvisation is the only one that is a new line. Avo is also reinventing some discontinued lines such as the Maduro and Signature.

 The name of this line really speaks not only to the mentality of a cigar manufacturer but also to the musician. Improvising is a vital part of any art form, experimenting with new sounds or paints or in the case tobaccos to create a new and unique project. This was the process chosen by the Avo team to honor their former leader and mentor.

 The Avo Improvisation 30 Years is one of the most talked about releases for 2018 and is available right here at Serious Cigars.

I am a big fan of concerts. I’ve seen everything from Rush and Boston to Taking Back Sunday and Drake. The highlight of any big concert is always the encore. While die hard fans thoroughly enjoy the deep cuts and small tracks played during the show, the encore is where the big guns come out. While the wait time for an encore varies, I believe E.P. Carrillo might have the record for longest wait time. The Encore has been two years in the making, first showing up in February of 2016. This month, E.P. has finally listened to the masses and released the Encore to the public.

 At first, it was going to be an extension of the La Historia line. While the band shares similarities and Ernesto did make one size for each of his 4 grand children, it seems the comparisons stop there. The Encore is its own line with a unique blend and innovative process. The Nicaraguan puro uses a peculiar process when ageing its coveted wrapper tobacco. In a process called tercios, the wrapper is bundled and tied together using a combination of rope and palm leaves. While I’m not sure of the specific use of this process, it does seem to draw our even more flavor.

 While Ernesto is known as a major Dominican manufacturer, the Encore uses only finally aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. The flavor profile is about as Nicaraguan as they come. It has its hits of pepper, but also deep notes of wood, cedar and leather. There was also a subtle hint of dark coffee with a dash of sweetness that I found really appealing.

 The construction was just as good as I though it would be, coming from a master like Ernesto. The burn on this box press is on point, producing a thick white ash that can last until almost half way. The smoke out put was also intense, which for some may dissuade them from this cigar, while it is something others thoroughly enjoy.

 Don’t leave the concert just yet, it seems as though the team at E.P. Carrillo is just getting warmed up. Pick up your box of the Encore today at Serious Cigars.

There is no historical figure more iconic in the cigar industry then the great Winston Churchill. The late Prime Minister took charge of a nation on the verge of destruction and through sheer determination and will saw them through their darkest time to emerge victorious. He did this while smoking 10 cigars a day and enjoy his favorite beverages, namely whiskey and brandy.

 Davidoff, one of the most prestigious members of the cigar community, worked together with the members of the Churchill family to craft an outstanding blend in his honor. The Davidoff Winston Churchill White Label went on to become one of their biggest releases of all time and is already known as one of the finest cigars on the market.

 This year, the Davidoff team, again in conjunction with the Churchill family, saw to bring a darker look and feel to the line. In doing so they crafted one of the most anticipated cigars of the year and the strongest Davidoff on record.

 The Davidoff Winston Churchill: The Late Hour takes its inspiration from the man himself. While after working all day, many people retire to their bedrooms, Winston was awake, working tirelessly on strategy and speeches to lead his country to victory. It is in the late hours of the night where some find their inspiration.

In true Churchill fashion this cigar has an added bonus. Some of the tobaccos used in the cigar are aged for 6 months in single malt scotch barrels, adding a new wave of rich interesting flavors. With its Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, Mexican binder and luscious Ecuadorian wrapper, the Late Hour is a flavor bomb. Intense notes of rich stout, dark chocolate and a smooth spice from the scotch barrel combine for an all out offensive on your taste buds. It is complex, burley yet maintains the signature smoothness you would expect from Davidoff.

   When the sun sets, and the stars are out, this is the cigar you should enjoy. Get your box of the Davidoff Winston Churchill the Late Hour right here at Serious Cigars.

When you hear the term boutique cigars, there are several companies that might come to mind. There’s your RoMa Craft, Warped, Caldwell etc. However, in the past couple years I feel no company represents the boutique ideology more then Black Label Trading Company. They keep each of their blends in a smaller quantity so as not to affect quality. They use creative titles and themes to make their blends stand out, and most of all they do no simply create cigars to make money. They craft each of their cigars with care and patience to ensure each one is perfect. Serious Cigars has a long history with Black Label Trading Company for those reasons. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the delicious and intense world of Black Label, starting with one of their most popular lines, Salvation.

  To someone who is relatively new to the cigar community, the salvation can look quite intimidating. Its Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper is dark and oily, while its band is black adorned with white skulls. If you were to glance at it quickly, you may think this cigar is stronger than hell and might be more then you can handle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Salvation is a solid medium-full body. Its aged tobaccos come from Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador, creating a cacophony of intense and smooth flavors. It is bursting with notes of leather, cedar, a dash of earth and a hint of spice.

 Its construction is a thing of beauty, with an almost perfect burn and a thick ash. Its smoke output is on point, creating a luscious atmosphere of smoke with a rich, enticing aroma. For those of you who are new to smoking, Black Label is a must try. For those of you who are long time Black Label fans, Serious Cigars is your destination for their full portfolio so pick some up today.

 Every cigar smoker has heard of Black Label Trading Company. They are responsible for some of the most popular, small batch cigars in recent memory. However, mention Black Works Studio and some people seem befuddled. However, the true aficionado knows exactly what you are talking about. Black Works is an offshoot of BLTC. If you are still confused, think of it like L’Atelier compared to Tatuaje. Black Works studio has created some innovative and delicious blends with powerful profiles and insane creative themes. Among our favorites as Serious Cigars has to be the Rorschach.

 For those of you who are unaware, a Rorschach test is an inkblot picture given to a subject in a physiological study to gauge what they view. It is meant to give insight into the subjects state of mind, seeing as many people see different objects in the picture. While everyone smoking this cigar may have slightly different tasting notes, we think everyone agrees they are delicious. The Rorschach is available in a Petite Panatella size, but packs a solid punch in such a small cigar.

 It is cloaked with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that gives it a distinct sweet spicy flavor. That combines with the aged Nicaraguan filler and binder to give you a lot of spice, but a fair amount of rich sweetness. This makes the cigar intensely flavorful yet balanced which is what you look for in a smaller vitola.

 Serious Cigars has the pleasure of being one of the few retailers that carry Black Works Studio online, but they are quite limited and sell fast so even we have trouble getting our hands on them. If I were you, I would make sure to pick up your box immediately and tell us what you see.

 Who in the cigar industry has a more dedicated fan base then that of Drew Estate? They have followers all over the country who flock to their events and stock up on their newest and most limited releases. Out of their impressive inventory, the Liga Privada and the Undercrown garner the most attention from their “diplomats” and for good reason. The Liga Privada is considered one of the best full bodied cigars of all time and helped spawn the careers of two of the industry’s most prolific blenders, Nick Melillo and Steve Saka. When Liga was released to the general public, the blenders and rollers in the factory found themselves short of their favorite cigar.

 So being as innovative as they are, the factory worked to come up with a more available blend that mimics the best qualities of the Liga Privada. The result was the Undercrown, which has become one of their best-selling lines. The dark maduro cigar was so successful that it spawned two sequels, the creamy Undercrown Shade and the zesty Undercrown Sun Grown. Serious Cigars has always loved working with Drew Estate, so when talks began about a new private size, our minds went right to the Undercrown… and they delivered in a big way.

This exclusive Undercrown is a rare box press rolled into a longer Churchill size.. It combines the rich flavor of the dark wrapper and broadleaf binder with the spice of its Brazilian and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. Its complex blend and tightly rolled size emits a plethora of flavors and an abundance of smoke. The burn stays straight and true until the end and the thinner size really concentrates the flavor right in the center. The burn is remarkable, producing a thick white ash.

 When we say this cigar is limited, we are not joking. Only a few bundles of 10 remain and you can get them right here at Serious Cigars.

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